6 of the best phones for playing mobile games, from Samsung to iPhone and much more

    With so many phones to choose from, here are our recommendations for those who want to get the best out of their mobile games

    Between the launch of Apple Arcade, the arrival of Mario Kart: World Tour and the continued success of global sensations like Pokemon GO, there has never been a better time to be a mobile gamer. 

    We have come a long way from playing Snake on our Nokia keypads.  

    The I newsletter cut through the noise

    If you are looking to lodge serious hours gaming on your phone, you’ll want to make sure you have the right handset for the job. 

    To help you out, we’ve assembled a quick guide to some of the best gaming phones on the market. 

    Honor Pro 20

    Honor Pro 20. Picture: Honor

    Huawei’s range of Honor smartphones essentially offer a slightly pared-down version of the Huaweis themselves, which consequently can be sold at a much friendlier price. 

    When it comes to the Pro 20, the differences are so negligible that the Honor might actually be the better option, especially where gaming is concerned.  

    However, the one wrinkle is the ongoing dispute between Huawei and Google. While the Pro 20 is currently able to access on the Play Store and receive updates as any other Android phone would, the situation is still fairly precarious and could quickly change. 

    Available from Amazon for £479.95

    Apple iPhone XS Max 

    iPhone XS Max. Picture: Apple

    One of the most difficult decisions that phone gamers have to make when they’re shopping for a new device is whether to go Apple or Android – since they use different stores, both have access to different games. 

    If you decide that the Apple Arcade has a better selection for you, then the iPhone XS Max is the model that provides the best gaming experience. 

    Its mammoth 6.5-inch screen is perfect for playing on, and it’s backed up with a superfast processor and an impressive battery life. 

    It doesn’t come cheap but, with the size and stamina to keep you satisfied, the iPhone XS Max is the best Apple gaming phone on the market. 

    Available from Amazon for £765.33

    Razer Phone 2 

    Razer Phone 2. Picture: Razer

    With the slogan “By gamers, for gamers” Razer tells you everything you need to know.

    The company built its reputation on high-end gaming computers, designed from the ground up to accommodate the needs of gamers. 

    They have now taken that same approach to the world of mobile gaming and, with the second iteration of their handset, have provided one of the most enticing options out there. 

    Available from Razer for £399.99

     Sony Xperia 5 

    Sticking to a similar theme, who better to go to for a top-class gaming phone than the guys who are responsible for the Playstation?

    Sony’s Xperia 5 also boasts a huge screen (6.5 inches) which, combined with the phone’s 21:9 aspect ratio and 4k resolution, helps to really maximize the visual side of its gaming experience. 

    The phone itself is sleek and lightweight, especially compared to some of the chunkier high-end gaming phones. 

    Available from Amazon for £699.95

    Nokia 6

    Nokia 6. Picture: Nokia

    For those looking to buy a quality gaming phone upfront without laying down the best part of a grand, the Nokia 6 could make for the perfect compromise. 

    No part of the Nokia is quite top of the line – hence the much lower price point – but everything under the hood is still enough to get you where you need to go. 

    It has enough RAM to run even the most challenging of games with few issues and the graphical capabilities to keep them looking perfectly presentable, even if you won’t be able to max out your settings. 

    Available from Amazon for £211.41

    Asus ROG Phone II

    Asus ROG Phone II. Picture: Asus

    Similar to the Razer phones, Asus has taken the wealth of experience they acquired as the makers of some of the best gaming laptops around and channeled it all into a high-quality smartphone that’s ideal for playing on. 

    Its formidable processing system is equipped with an in-case cooling solution to keep things running smoothly even as you push the hardware to its limits. Which would take some doing? 

    The super-sensitive Air Triggers also allow for a degree of delicate control that is perfect for games requiring real precision. 

    Available from Asus for £829.99

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