6 Reasons to Wait for the Pixel 5 & 4 Reasons Not To

    You might have your eyes on the new Pixel 4 or Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10, but a lot of you might be better off waiting for the Pixel 5 or Pixel 5 XL instead.

    The Pixel 4 XL is a good phone and the company even released an affordable Pixel 3a and 3a XL in 2019. If you’re looking for a new phone they’re all great choices.

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    However, with marginal changes and some big concerns about battery life, waiting another year for the next generation of Pixel isn’t a bad idea. So, if the current lineup of fancy phones with in-display cameras or big bezels fail to catch your attention, or they aren’t a big enough of an upgrade for you, here are a few reasons why you should or shouldn’t wait until next year.

    Pixel 5 Rumors & Speculation

    Obviously, we don’t know anything about the Pixel 5 yet, mainly because the Pixel 4 is still brand new. But while the company hasn’t confirmed a Pixel 5, we all know it’s coming. Manufacturers are typically an entire device cycle, if not more, ahead of the current model. This means they’re already working on, testing, and designing next year’s products.

    Now that Pixel 4 is here we can expect to start seeing at least one or two small Pixel 5 rumors in the coming weeks and months. Small information regarding potential changes, upgrades, or new features will leak as Google buys new displays, invests in new technology, or tries putting the front camera inside the screen.

    Google continues to make huge strides with each upgrade, and every phone is far and away much better than the previous generation. Whether that’s a better screen, more capable cameras, more cameras, or extra features like wireless charging and water-resistance. Not to mention all the software features that make Google phones so capable.

    Honestly, you should probably wait for the Pixel 4a early next year. If you want the best of the best though, wait for the Pixel 5 in October of 2020.

    We’re expecting a pretty big upgrade next year. Google will have to keep up with the impressive OnePlus 8, the Galaxy S11, and a new 2020 iPhone that might have no notch at all and be 100% screen on the front. Basically, Google can’t keep sitting on the sidelines with its 6.3-inch screen, big forehead for the cameras, and small internal battery cells. They’ll have to really step up their game, and we think they will.

    Hopefully it looks something like what you see above, which is what we thought the Pixel 4 might look like. It’s too early to say anything yet, but we have a feeling the Pixel 4 won’t do very well, and it’ll make Google go big next year and deliver an amazing Pixel 5.

    OnePlus’ parent company Oppo is working very hard and under-display camera technology, and it could debut in the OnePlus 8 and beat Samsung to the punch. Cameras that hide under the screen but still work when you need them to. Basically the phone looks like it’s all screen on the front, but there’s actually a camera hiding under the glass. We want that on the Pixel 5.

    We’re still several months away from pinpointing new features or seeing any leaks, and the phone likely won’t debut until September or October 2020. If Google can continue to improve everything like it has over the last few years, get more carriers on board and add 5G, Google’s Pixel 5 might be the phone to buy in 2020. Here are the best reasons to wait for the Pixel 5, and why you might want to skip waiting and buy something today.

    Wait For A Better Pixel 5

    Wait For A Better Pixel 5
    Google is still kinda new to the world of making hardware and phones. We’re on the 4th Pixel, while Samsung and Apple are on 11 and 12th generation smartphones and beyond. And yes, if you include Nexus phones Google’s past 10, but Nexus phones weren’t made by Google.

    Each year Google has made big improvements to the hardware, display, software and more. That will continue next year. Basically, wait for a bigger, better, faster Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL.

    The Pixel 4/4XL is the most powerful smartphone we’ve ever seen from Google. The device offers excellent performance, a big vibrant display with 90 Hz and two high-end cameras paired with some of the best software camera and AI features around.

    Google’s Pixel 4 XL is good enough for almost everyone, even with that huge forehead, but some of you might want to stick around for what’s next. That’s what I’m doing. Waiting for a device with more storage, triple rear cameras, and battery life that isn’t awful.

    Expect the company to make significant upgrades that follow the path of Samsung, Apple, OnePlus and more.

    You can expect an even bigger screen with no notch. It might have a hole in the screen for the camera, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S10, but by late 2020 we’re hoping they can hide the camera UNDER the screen.

    We’ll get a new processor with improved performance and gaming, better battery life, Android 11, and three great rear cameras.

    And hey, maybe they’ll finally put a battery over 4,000 mAh in the XL.

    Wait For An Even Better Screen

    Wait For An Even Better Screen
    Continuing on from our first slide, we think Google will make some big changes to the screen on the Pixel 5. Honestly, they HAVE to, in our opinion.

    The only problem is we don’t know what to expect, mainly because they could take the screen in several different directions.

    Its current phones already have something most don’t — a 90 Hz display — but that doesn’t mean it can’t get better. We think Google will increase the Pixel 5 screen to either 120 Hz, or offer an in/under-display front camera so the front of the phone can be all screen. As a result, we’ll get a bigger 6.5-inch Quad-HD 90 Hz AMOLED display.

    Neither Samsung or Apple offer 90 Hz displays, at least not yet. They could in 2020, like Samsung’s Galaxy S11, so Google jumping to 120 Hz or doing something unique with the camera makes sense.

    Either way, the screen will somehow be better. Maybe part of that is an under-display front-facing camera so they can ditch the bezels, a new and improved under-display fingerprint scanner, 120 Hz, or something else entirely. Either way we want it bigger, brighter, and our fingerprint sensor back.

    Wait For More Power, Performance & Storage

    Wait For More Power, Performance & Storage
    Google makes improvements year over year to just about every aspect of their phones, as does the component makers like Qualcomm. We know this phone will be good.

    The Pixel 4 finally has 6GB of RAM, but unfortunately still only 64GB of storage and a tiny 2,800 mAh battery. It’s almost insulting. When other brands are offering 128 or even 256GB as the standard, 4,000 mAh battery packs and faster UFS 3.0 storage, we expect the same from Google. That might finally happen in 2020.

    With the Pixel 5 next year we’re expecting an even better, faster, yet more efficient Snapdragon 865 processor with 8GB of RAM and at least 128GB of storage. Qualcomm is even working to make new phones slimmer. That references the Galaxy S11, but the same Snapdragon 865 platform will be in the Pixel 5.

    Not to mention Android 11. Yes, the next Pixel will likely be the first phone to ship with Android “R” 11.

    If you haven’t seen enough from current devices in terms of hardware AND software to warrant busting out your wallet, wait for what’s coming in the new year.

    Wait For a Better Camera Experience

    Wait For a Better Camera Experience
    In 2019 the competition finally caught up to Google, and perhaps passed them, in the camera and photography department. While the new Pixel 4 has an amazing night mode, Astrophotography controls and a secondary lens, it’s not enough.

    Google is still using the same several years old 12.3MP main camera, then added a telephoto zoom lens to the Pixel 4. Most people wanted three cameras, or at least an ultra-wide. Especially when we can already zoom and crop photos. You can’t get an ultra-wide view easily, without an extra lens.

    The software prowess of Google’s AI and machine learning is what makes its cameras great, and we think they’ll continue working on that for the next year and deliver something truly amazing next year. Now that they’re losing to the iPhone 11 Pro, and will likely fall further behind when the Galaxy S11 comes, expect something phenomenal from the Pixel 5 camera hardware AND software.

    Wait for 5G

    Wait for 5G
    Almost every major US carrier, and partners like Samsung or Google, are working hard to deliver 5G. Samsung’s huge 6-camera Galaxy S10 5G just arrived and carriers are all sorts of excited. Even Sprint without a 5G network is talking up the S10 5G, the new 5G-capable LG V50, or the Note 10 Pro 5G. It’s hot stuff.

    As a result, we can almost guarantee at least one or two of Google’s upcoming devices will be 5G capable. While that could be a version of the Pixel 4 or even the 4a early next year, we think they’ll wait for the Pixel 5. Plus, the 5G networks still aren’t very mature, so there’s no reason to rush.

    Just think, they can call it the Pixel 5G and Pixel 5G XL. That’s a lot easier to say and read than something like the “OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition”. Yes, that’s a real name, and it’s ridiculous.

    If you’re someone who truly needs the best and the fastest or 5G speeds, wait for the Pixel 5. That’s because Google will let Samsung, LG, and Huawei test the waters leaving the search giant in the best position to fix any issues when they deliver a 5G Pixel 5 XL. We still think a 5G Pixel 4 is coming to Verizon in early 2020, but we recommend waiting for the second generation of 5G with the Pixel 5.

    And while 5G will likely have some serious growing pains, it’s an exciting technology we can’t wait to get behind.

    Wait For More Info & A Bigger Battery

    Wait For More Info & A Bigger Battery
    I hate to say it, but Google completely dropped the ball on the smaller Pixel 4. Seriously, what were they thinking? When compared to the Pixel 3 from 2018 they made the screen bigger and put a battery-draining 90 Hz screen inside, then used an even SMALLER 2,800 mAh battery. The smallest battery of ANY flagship phone released in 2019. The Pixel 4 simply doesn’t last long enough without needing a recharge and gives buyers “dead phone anxiety” like it’s 2014 all over again. It’s a terrible decision.

    Even the bigger Pixel 4 XL is only 3,800 mAh, when comparable devices from Samsung or OnePlus are all over 4,000 mAh.

    Wait for the Pixel 5 simply because after all this backlash I’ll be amazed if Google doesn’t slap huge batteries inside the phones next year. We’re talking about 3,300 mah for the Pixel 5 and 4,150 mAh in the Pixel 5 XL. If it has 5G it’ll need to be even bigger, too.

    We know Google’s new phones will be great devices. We know it’ll have the latest Snapdragon processor with the best performance on the market, 6-8GB of RAM, more storage, more cameras, a bigger screen and everything else people love. We know all of that.

    What we don’t know is all of the specifics. Will Google be able to offer the same great experience without that big bezel. Will they put a radar chip on the front again or instead use an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor?

    Will 2020 finally be the year that Google offers 3 cameras on the back like everyone else? Even if they have software that makes the dual Pixel 4 cameras nearly as good as the triple camera phones available throughout 2019. Who knows. We might even get a Google Pixel Ultra in 2020.

    Perhaps the biggest reason to wait, for me, is because of the OnePlus 8 Pro. This year OnePlus released two phones and the Pro was incredible. And now that we see how much Google wants for the Pixel 4 XL with 128GB of storage ($999) you can get more for less with the OnePlus 7 Pro, or even the OnePlus 8 Pro next year.

    Basically, we need to wait for more information.

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