Another streaming service is about to raise its prices, too

    That’s $60 for the year, across the board.

    So the funniest thing just happened. First DirecTV Now increased the monthly price of its plans by $5 a month over the weekend. And you’ll never guess what else just happened.

    Now PlayStation Vue is increasing the price of its plans by $5 a month. (Never mind that DirecTV Now had said it was increasing prices to better stay in line with where the market was.)

    The change goes into effect at the end of the month and will raise the price on all four of PlayStation Vue’s streaming plans.

    PSVue is available on just about every device you can think of (save for the Xbox, obviously). So if you’re using this on Android TV or Apple TV or Roku or whatever, it might be time to check that monthly bill and make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

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