Former NASA Engineer Created a ‘Mega’ Dualshock 4 and Xbox One Controller Mod

Former NASA Engineer Created a 'Mega' Dualshock 4 and Xbox One Controller Mod

Controller mods are nothing new, but this one – this one is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before! Created by a former NASA engineer, this mod takes the PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller and the Xbox One controller and creates something undeniably epic!

It even has a motor! Introducing the MEGA-One controller mod.

According the official Kickstarter description:


“When was the last time you felt the real rush of adrenaline playing a PlayStation 4 / Xbox One game?

Now that’s a thing of the past with the MEGA-one™ – a brand new way to experience your games like never before –> in-depth vibration, intense force-feedback, and just plain awesomeness playing your next game!”

The creator then went on to describe how the mechanics of the controller will literally be a fight for control:

“Imagine playing your favorite FPS or racing game with the MEGA-one™! Each bullet you fire recoils the controller back at you!

Each turn you take in your get-away car jerks your hands from left-to-right as you fight to stay in control! (or any of a million other awesome games that you want to experience more!)”




By why this? Though the controller is incredible and the passion is easy to see, why this specific design?

The creator himself gave us a little background information and really … it kind of makes sense now.

“I’m an engineer with 17 years of experience, designing everything from NASA satellite heaters to U.S. Army missiles – now, I just wanna have fun!”


He added, “So I’m devoting myself to making over-the-top, insane, awesome gaming gadgets for you, the gamers, who appreciate craziness like this as much as I do!”

Honestly, this is rad. As a former veteran myself that worked as an electrical engineer, this has me more than a little intrigued. Developers and gamers alike are backing this ambitious project, and now you can to!


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