Google GDC 2019’s Keynote Likely Featuring id And Ubisoft

    Google GDC 2019’s Keynote Likely Featuring id And Ubisoft

    Google has announced it’ll be hosting two very important developers and publishers at its Developer Day session at GDC 2019.

    The developers and publishers in question are id Software, the creators of the DOOM and Rage franchises, and Ubisoft.

    The announcement is particularly interesting since, as you might know, Google is having a keynote at GDC 2019 next week focused on gaming.

    Considering that there’s this keynote in place, and that the developer day session happens to be just a few hours later, we could easily jump to the conclusion that Ubisoft and id will be part of it.

    It’s worth noting that Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey served as the first game to be run on Project Stream’s trial last year.

    This would come on top of rumors that claim SEGA is partnering with Google in order to create exclusive content for its console.

    Clearly, Google is going to have a variety of developers on stage and probably Jade Raymond, new VP at the company will be hosting at least a segment of the keynote to further talk the matter.

    he keynote is set to begin on March 19, at 10am PST.

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