MacBook Pro 2018 release date, price, features, specs

MacBook Pro 2018 release date, price, features, specs

Apple is working on a MacBook Pro 2018 release date, price, features, specs. While many buyers wished and hoped Apple would announce a new MacBook Pro at WWDC on June 4th, Apple focused on iOS 12, macOS Mojave and other software upgrades.

There’s still a good chance the macbook pro release date 2018 is just months away, but everyone is back to the waiting game.

Almost every year Apple starts selling a new MacBook Pro, and that isn’t likely to change this year. This is why you should wait for the MacBook Pro 2018 release date, price, features, specs date to buy a new laptop and the few reasons you should buy one today.

If you are looking for a new MacBook Pro your options are to buy a top of the line used 2015 MacBook Pro with tons of ports, buy a 2017 MacBook Pro, or wait to see what Apple does for the new 2018 model.

The MacBook Pro is the Apple laptop for most users with two sizes and a wide range of price points. Apple changed the design dramatically in 2016 and that carries over to the current model. Apple supports notebooks for a very long period so even if you buy the 2017 model you can expect a long period of support.

Speaking at Smithsonian Magazine’s Future of Design event in Washington DC in December, (listen to the recording here), I’ve said: “Absolutely, all of your feelings and feedback around the MacBook you use, we wouldn’t want to listen to more… And we hear – boy, do we hear.”


MacBook Pro MacBook Pro 2018 release date, price, features, specs

MacBook Pro 2018: Release date

We think it’s likely that Apple will update the MacBook Pro soon, although there was a distinct lack of MacBook news at WWDC in June 2018. Read all about the next Apple event here.

Perhaps the biggest indication that something could be coming soon is the revelation that a device listed as “MacBookPro14,3” has appeared on Geekbench. The device is using the new 6-core Intel Core i7-8750H Coffee Lake processor offering 2.21GHz per core, and a Turbo Boost up of 4.1GHz.

The machine scored a single-core score of 4,902, and a multi-core score of 22,316, which is far ahead any MacBook Pro offered currently.

Pro users will also be glad to learn that this model offers 32GB RAM. As you will see from the section below, a 32GB RAM offering is being cried out for by pro users.

Another indication that a new model could be coming came from Apple’s online store – at least in the UK – which seemed (at the end of May) to indicate that there may be an update in store. If you look at the 13in MacBook Pro page, the entry-level 13in model is listed as shipping from 6-8 June.

However, at the time, all the other models were listed as shipping from 30 May.

MacBook Pro 2018: Price

It’s likely that the 2018 range of MacBook Pro laptops will have a similar price to what they retail at currently. There are four 13in models ranging from £1,249/$1,299 to £1,949/$1,999 and two 15in models from £2,349/$2,399 to £2,699/$2,799 (there is also an additional older 15in model still sold at £1,899 which is likely to be discontinued soon).

That said, we wouldn’t expect much about the MacBook Pro price to change year over year. Apple has already hit a sweet spot of prices for its various MacBook Pro models, starting at $1,299, £1,249 or AU$1,899, for one without the Touch Bar.

From there, to purchase a Touch Bar model will increase the price to $1,799, £1,749 or AU$2,699. Of course, the 15-inch models (all with Touch Bar) pump up the price even further.
If pricing were to change this year, we’d wager that Apple would simply make room for that rumored 13-inch, entry-level MacBook by upping the hardware inside the low-end MacBook Pro and hiking up the price. Otherwise, Apple could simply wipe out the Touch Bar-free model and reserve the ‘Pro’ moniker for laptops with the Touch Bar.

MacBook Pro 2018: Design

Looks-wise we’d be very surprised if Apple made any significant departures from the new look unveiled in 2016. However, it’s possible Apple may tinker with the colour options.

The MacBook Pro series currently comes in two colour finishes: silver and Space Grey, while the MacBook series is available in Gold and Rose Gold as well. Is the MacBook Pro ever likely to adopt the gold colour?

It’s a possibility. But our prediction is that Apple will continue to offer gold (there’s actually a new shade that mutes the pink tints of Rose Gold down subtly to a shade referred to as Gold – as seen on the new iPad and iPhone 8) as an option on its consumer-focused laptops, while keeping the more business-like silver and space-grey for the professional machines.

MacBook Pro 2018: 4K Screen

The current MacBook Pro models have impressive Retina displays: 2880 x 1800 on the 15.4in model, and 2560×1600 on the 13.3in one.

However, there are calls for Apple to increase the pixel count on the 15in MacBook Pro and offer a 4K display – something that Dell, HP, and Asus are already offering. Apple is lagging in this area. To be 4K the display would need to be more than 4,000 pixels wide, right now it’s a 2.8k display. The 4K 21.5in iMac has 4,069 x 2,304 resolution, for example. This would require fitting as many pixels on to a smaller space – and have the capacity to power them all. But it can be done.

In addition, while the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro can output the full DCI P3 colour space used for films for digital cinema output, as our colleague on Digital Arts notes in his review: “It’s the Adobe RGB colour space that really matters as this is what’s used internally by tools from Photoshop to Illustrator to Premiere Pro – and again here the MBP is lacking. In our tests with a DataColor Spyder5Elite colorimeter, we found that the MacBook Pro’s screen can output 91 percent of the colors in the Adobe RGB.”

In their tests, Dell’s Precision 5510 and the Wacom MobileStudio Pro could output 91 percent of the colors in the Adobe RGB. In the next version of the MacBook Pro, we’d like to see an improvement here.

MacBook Pro 2018: Processor

It seems likely that the next generation of MacBook Pro will run on Intel’s Coffee Lake processor – unveiled by Intel on 3 April 2018. This means that the 13in MacBook Pro could finally move from dual-core to quad-core and that the 15-inch model could gain a 6-core processor.

Currently, only the 15in MacBook Pro is available with a quad-core processor.

If Apple uses the new Core i7 processor from Intel it could bring 6-core (in 12-thread configurations) to the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

One of Intel’s six-core i7 chip has a base clock speed of 3.7GHz, and Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.7GHz, according to Intel.

Coffee Lake will apparently deliver more than a 30 percent performance boost over the current Kaby Lake processors.

Coffee Lake should also offer performance improvements and a reduction in power consumption (so the new models should offer better battery life).

MacBook Pro 2018:: RAM

As we said above, there is some hope that the next generation of MacBook Pro will offer 32GB RAM at the high-end.

As we said above, a “MacBookPro14,3” has been listed on Geekbench and this device appears to be equipped with 32GB of DDR4 RAM.

This is a surprise because, it was thought that the new generation of processors from Intel won’t include support for LPDDR4 memory, something that could scupper plans to make 32GB RAM possible in a MacBook Pro. Hopefully, Apple has found a way around the issue.

Currently, all the 13in models offer 8GB RAM (although there is a build-to-order option for 16GB RAM). The 15in models ship with 16GB RAM as standard.

There have been calls for Apple to offer up to 32GB RAM in the MacBook Pro for some time.

Pro customers, such as video editors, were so disillusioned with the 2016 update to the MacBook Pro that in November 2016 Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller spoke out in defence of Apple’s decision not to offer more RAM, saying that this would be detrimental to battery life and require a power-hungry memory controller unsuitable for use in portable machines.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018: New keyboard

When Apple introduced the redesigned butterfly mechanism keyboard with the MacBook Pro in 2016, it seems that a number of people had problems with keys repeating characters and other keys not working. Others claimed the keys on the keyboard made a high pitched sound.

The issue with the keys on MacBook Pro intermittently stopping working seems to be caused by dust getting in between the keys. The problem with the keyboard design currently is that dust and small particles can get stuck under keys and the spacebar making them unresponsive.

One report explained how a tiny spec of dust could render a keyboard useless so that the whole front of the MacBook needed to be replaced.

If you eat at your desk then there is a strong likelihood that crumbs are going to end up falling onto your keyboard, and maybe getting stuck under the keys causing problems, so this could be a big issue.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018: Battery

With Apple pointing to battery life as the reason it won’t offer more RAM in the MacBook Pro you might be wondering whether there is room for improvements to battery life in the next model, or if battery life could (or should) suffer if Apple is to offer a truly pro-level machine.

The new Cannon Lake chips mentioned above could account for some reduction in power consumption.

Apple claims a reasonably impressive 10-hour battery life for the MacBook Pro – but given that the MacBook Air, at three years old, has a 12-hour battery life, it does look like there is room for improvement here.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018: Graphics

The MacBook Pro graphics differ depending on whether you have a 13- or 15in MacBook Pro. The 15in models currently offer the Radeon Pro 555 or 560 (replacing the Radeon Pro 455). We expect a similar bump from the 2018 generation of MacBook Pro.

2018 MacBook Pro: Touch Bar
Will all the MacBook Pro models offer a Touch Bar in 2018? If Apple fails to roll out the touch-sensitive bar across the top of the keyboard to any other Macs, we feel it will be an indicator that the Touch Bar isn’t a popular feature.

In fact, we’re quite confident when we say that if Apple doesn’t add the Touch Bar to other Macs, or at least the complete line up of MacBook Pros, then its days are limited.

Even those who have a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar probably feel it is a pointless feature.

Apple MacBook Pro Price 2018


macbook pro price

Current 15″ MacBook Pros as low as $2,149

Ringing in as the lowest prices we’ve seen this year, Adorama is knocking up to $300 off Apple’s Mid 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro, with prices starting at just $2,149.00.

Shoppers can pick up the standard model at $250 off or opt for upgraded models, such as the 2.9GHz 16GB 512GB Radeon 560 config in Silver for $2,499.00, a discount of $300 off MSRP.

These cash rebates are in addition to free shipping to the contiguous U.S. with no sales tax on orders shipped outside New York and New Jersey.

In fact, many shoppers outside those two states can save $440 to $520 on average compared to buying direct. According to our 15-inch MacBook Pro Price Guide, these deals are also $50 to $200 cheaper compared to shopping at another Apple authorized reseller.

Those looking to add AppleCare can save $30 on the extended protection plans, bringing the price down to $349.00 as well.

2017 15″ MacBook Pro deals

15″ (2.8GHz 16GB 256GB Radeon 555) Space Gray for $2,149.00 *
($250 off + no tax outside NY & NJ & 0% financing offer)
15″ (2.8GHz 16GB 256GB Radeon 555) Silver for $2,149.00 *
($250 off + no tax outside NY & NJ & 0% financing offer)
15″ (2.9GHz 16GB 512GB Radeon 560) Space Gray for $2,549.00 *
($250 off + no tax outside NY & NJ & 0% financing offer)
15″ (2.9GHz 16GB 512GB Radeon 560) Silver for $2,499.00 *
($300 off + no tax outside NY & NJ & 0% financing offer)
15″ (2.9GHz 16GB 1TB Radeon 560) Space Gray for $2,949.00 *
($250 off + no tax outside NY & NJ & 0% financing offer)
15″ (3.1GHz 16GB 1TB Radeon 560) Space Gray for $3,149.00 *
($250 off + no tax outside NY & NJ & 0% financing offer)
$250 off 2015 15″ MacBook Pro
2015 15″ (2.5GHz 16GB 512GB) for $2,049.00 *
($250 off + no tax outside NY & NJ & 0% financing offer)

Pro MacBook Pro 2018: Ports

When Apple launched the new MacBook Pro many of the familiar ports disappeared replaced by USB-C/Thunderbolt 3. The headphone jack remained despite being lost from the iPhone. Will it remain in the next version of the MacBook Pro? Possibly, although Apple could choose to swap it for Lightning or another USB Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 port in the future.

Another possibility is that if Apple is able to reduce the size of the circuit board inside the MacBook Pro it could add more ports. Apple may be looking to integrate faster and more versatile circuit boards into the MacBook design – according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this could save a lot of internal space, making it possible for Apple to add USB 3.2 and other I/O connections to its MacBooks.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018: Hinge

We think a patent is unlikely to be used in a future MacBook Pro, but we will still note it here.

The patent, discovered by Patently Apple, suggests that Apple is working on a “Living Hinge” design. According to the patent, the chassis would be made out of a single piece of material that bends in the middle thanks to a “flexible portion” which it refers to as a “living hinge”.

Apple describes how: “An enclosure for a laptop may be created from a rigid material having a flexible portion defined around approximately a midpoint of the material. The flexible portion may allow the rigid material to be folded in half and thus acts as a laptop clamshell.”

This flexible portion – referred to as the Living Hinge – would have a geometric pattern, according to Apple’s illustration.

Are you excited if you are here ps the Reasons To Wait for the MacBook Pro 2018

Wait As Long As You Can to Buy
Better Performance
Wait for a New Color
Wait for a New Keyboard
Wait If You’re Looking at the 13-inch W/o TouchBar

Did you discover some new MacBook Pro 2018 that I hadn’t discussed here?

Which of the Features are you excited about?

Let us Know in they comment below!

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