Pokémon GO Limited Research: How To Get Yourself A Shiny Clamperl

    Pokémon GO is back with another Limited Research day, a companion event to its hugely successful Community Days but with a different spin. Rather than loads of wild spawns, for a three hour window all Pokestops will give out Special Research tasks that when completed, will give players a shot at a specific Pokémon. Today, it’s Clamperl.

    Clamperl is a Gen 3 water type that as of yet, has not appeared in Pokémon GO despite the arrival of Gen 4. Clamperl is unique in that it has two different evolutions, not two stages. As in, you can evolve Clamperl into either Huntail or Gorebyss. In the game that requires certain scale items, in GO, it’s simply random.

    I wasn’t sure that this Limited Research day would actually be giving out a shiny Clamperl. I mean, he was just debuting, so maybe that was enough, and as the last event proved, shiny hunting in Limited Research day is not exactly easy, given the limited time and mountain of tasks to complete. But reports are coming in from Europe that yes, shiny Clamperl is spawning during this event, though catching two and getting them to evolve into one Huntail and one Gorebyss will require a fair bit of luck.

    Pokemon GONIANTIC

    As I said, it is a lot harder to hunt shinies during Limited Research events. I am still waiting for actual spawn rates, but for the initial weekend, it did not seem like the shiny spawn rate was any different than the 5% or so that we see for Pokémon GO’s Community Days. But those wild Pokémon are absolutely everywhere so that makes more sense. But today, there are only so many research tasks you can hope to complete, making your potential shiny encounters limited. I was hoping that Niantic might bump the shiny rate, but so far I haven’t seen evidence of that, and it may indeed be hovering around 1 in 20 encounters still, maybe 1 in 15 at the absolute best.

    After that, it will be a literal coinflip if you evolve shiny Gorebyss or Huntail. It seems a little weird that Niantic didn’t just include the scale items needed for you to choose, but if they’ve been doing this with Eevee for years, I guess Clamperl isn’t getting any special treatment either.

    Unlike GO Community Day, Clamperl doesn’t have any special moves when caught or evolved today. But Limited Research does come with other bonuses like increased water types spawning in the wild that give 2x Stardust when caught.

    I think these Limited Research events still need some work, but fundamentally I like the idea, and like it even more as a way to introduce brand new Pokémon rather than to spotlight ones that are already out. Happy hunting!

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