Sonos deal of the year: the mother of all discounts on Sonos Playbase plus cut prices on Sonos One, Beam and more

    Okay, so this is going to be very annoying if you bought one yesterday, but Amazon just struck another £130 off the price of a Playbase. It was £70 off yesterday; it’s more than £200 off, at £494.10, today. Or at least the white one is. The black one WAS £200 off, but now it’s only £150 off so if you snoozed, you losed.

    Last week we said that £50 off a pair of Sonos Ones was the best Sonos deal you’d see this side of Christmas. Well, it turned out we were incorrect at best, and outright lying at worst, because Sonos has fired up its Sonos price-cutting machine one more time. Perhaps, like Wizzard, Amazon truly wishes it could be Christmas every day.

    The T3 Award-winning Sonos One speaker with Alexa can still be had for £20 off (if you buy one) or a total of £50 off (if you buy a brace for use as a stereo pair, multi-room or as part of a 5.1 system). 

    However, the Sonos-related ho-ho-ho-ness now no longer ends there. You can now claim a very generous £50 off the superb Play 5 in black only, £40 off the Beam compact sound bar and a hefty £70 off Sonos’ Home cinema big hitters: Playbar, Playbase and Sub.


    Amazon has also trimmed the cost of Sonos’ home cinema big hitters, with the aforementioned £204 off the substantially more powerful (but not Alexa-powered) Playbase, as well as the Playbar and the Sub (woofer), for those who are totally addicted to bass (we mean the low notes, not the fish).

    We suspect the Playbase might be the least popular of the Sonos line-up because punters are much more keen on soundbars than soundbases. However, it’s actually one of our favourite Sonos products. Once correctly placed on a sturdy TV unit or shelf, it delivers very powerful audio with blockbuster cinema soundtracks, but also a very musical performance with, er, music. It’s a fully-functioning multi-room Sonos speaker as well as doing home cinema duties.

    This line-up of price cuts adds up to one of the best Sonos speaker deals of the year, if you’re thinking of adopting a Sonos 5.1 home cinema system.

    Buy a pair of Sonos Ones (to use as the rear surround speakers), a Playbase (which serves as the front 3 speakers) and a Sub (for fat bottomed bass that makes the rockin’ world go ’round) and you save a total of £320. 

    Upgrade those rear speakers to a brace of Play 5s and the saving is a meaty £360! 

    Okay, you’ve now just blown your family’s gift fund, but trust us: they’ll forgive you when they hear the Queen’s speech blasting forth in pristine and awesomely loud 5.1 Dolby Digital surround. It’ll be just like being at the Palace with her maj.

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