‘The Last of Us Part II’ Dynamic PS4 Theme Now Available For Free

    Today, developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment released a brand-new dynamic PS4 theme for The Last of Us Part II that won’t cost you a single penny.

    Unfortunately, the theme doesn’t feature Ellie or the music of that terrific cover by her voice actress Ashley Johnson of Through the Valley by Shawn James. But it does capture the game’s post-apocalyptic tone with gritty music and a car burning in the night.

    As you can see, while the dynamic theme is very aesthetically pleasing, it isn’t as pleasant on the ears, unless of course you like hearing the sound of sizzling bacon right before you jump into a game. The crackling of fire with some subtle and dreary music can be one of the more calming audio coming togethers, but this theme doesn’t go for that, and as a result it’s not the best theme for everyday usage. But hey, it’s free!

    Anyway, if you want this theme, you can download it right here.

    Nick …. there’s no holiday name here@nscottgReplying to @Wario64

    cause I know when I wanna look at my PS4 home screen I wanna be thoroughly depressed75:29 PM – Dec 21, 2018Twitter Ads info and privacySee Nick …. there’s no holiday name here’s other TweetsTwitter Ads info and privacy

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    The sound is soothing, too. Almost like ASMR.8:10 PM – Dec 21, 2018Twitter Ads info and privacySee KK Rage’s other TweetsTwitter Ads info and privacy

    As you may know, details on The Last of Us Part II are currently quite scarce, however, we do know that the game takes place a few years after the events of the first game. In it, players play as Ellie, who is now 19. As for whether Joel is in it or not, hasn’t been made clear or divulged.

    Like I said, details on the game haven’t really been revealed, but Neil Druckmann, Creative Director of the project, did have the following to say about the project:

    “In The Last of Us Part II, Ellie is now 19 and has found a semblance of peace and normality living in Jackson,” said Druckmann. “She’s had a chance to be a teenager and forge lasting relationships. When that peace is disrupted by a violent act, Ellie is thrust into a brutal journey of retribution, fueled by a need to bring those that have wronged her to justice, pushing her to her very limits.0COMMENTS

    “From the way Ellie plays to the way she navigates through this hostile world, you’re going to feel her physical, emotional, and mental state expressed through every facet of gameplay. We’ve completely overhauled our engine, developed new combat mechanics, created a new analog stealth system, and revamped our animation system to fully express Ellie’s desperation, resourcefulness, and unique agility.”

    The Last of Us Part II is in development for PlayStation 4. A release date has yet to be revealed.

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