WhatsApp Group Admins Can Now Bar Users From Sending Forwarded Messages

WhatsApp Group Admins Can Now Bar Users From Sending Forwarded Messages

Whatsapp is a big part of our daily life. People are always active in social media. The day begins from whatsapp messages and ends with this also. Without whatsapp, life is not imaginative. You have already joined so many Whatsapp groups. You feel always message come to groups. Daily you got thousands of messages. From those, some are good morning and good night message. You got a lot of forwarded same messages in the group. It is really so irritating. When you wake up from the bed and open the WhatsApp you got hundreds of same good morning message. So the topic is here how to stop forwarded messages.


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In group, you are connected with your friends and family members. In some groups, you have your senior and staff. You are getting boring forwarded messages from your senior one or from your relatives. You can say anything to them. I know you are getting angry with those images, videos, gifs or texts. But you can’t block them. You can’t say them to stop it. You are getting bored with those unwanted messages in your WhatsApp. Now you want to get rid of there. You need a peaceful life. Today’s it is a headache having forwarded messages. Everyone wants to copy and paste that message. You are getting maximum forwarding messages in your WhatsApp. In the latest whatsapp, it is showing which are forwarded messages.

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Everyone is searching for the solution on how to stop sending forwarded messages. Recently WhatsApp is updating a feature where group admin can block forwarded messages. It is really good news for WhatsApp users. According to a report from the website, WhatsApp updates WABetaInfo.com. Now in 2.19.97 beta update, WhatsApp is testing a new feature to stop sending frequent forwarded messages in the group. In the feature WhatsApp allows group admin to block forwarding messages. The feature only allows to group admin blocking forwarding messages. In new privacy settings, the option will be available. The feature will bar all group members to send forwarded messages. Now it is not available in WhatsApp globally. So wait and watch what is happening.

For Whatsapp users, this feature will give relaxation. People will stay away from unwanted boring forwarded messages. Some forwarded messages are really fake. Some are you already seen or read. When it comes again to your life you got angry and try to throw your mobile phone. But friends now this post will help you to seek happiness. I hope this post will be helpful to you. I wish you liked my post-WhatsApp group admin can bar users from sending forwarded messages.  Thank you…


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