whatsapp video download for status and Images Easily!

whatsapp video download for status and Images Easily

WhatsApp status has become an insanely popular feature of the application since its launch in 2017.

The Snapchat Story-clone is now bigger than the source of inspiration, with 450 million daily active users. And not surprisingly “status WhatsApp”, “Whatsapp video” and “WhatsApp status video” are among the top search trends worldwide, including in India.

whatsapp video download for status and Images Easily


The catch with WhatsApp Status is that the app doesn’t let you download the status of others. But then, there are a number of third-party applications that let you do so.

Note that these apps are not officially WhatsApp-supported and giving them access to contents on your phone can be risky.

Below are terminologies I will be sharing which I know most of you might have to know how to do but the articles contain much more information than you can imagine and i promise you would learn something new.

Have come across so many people asking me How do I download Whatsapp videos?

the method it’s so simple that anyone could actually do it with the easy step am about to show below try as much as possible to read the whole article in other to lean WhatsApp video download for status and Images easily.

How do I download Whatsapp videos?

Method 1:
  1. Turn on Internet and Open your Whatsapp Account.
  2. Go to Status option and watch the status you want to download/Save.
  3. Then open your File Manager (Use ES File Folder)
  4. Go to Settings and Then Show Hidden Files.
  5. Then navigate to Folder: Whatsapp–>Media–>.statuses.

How can copy Whatsapp status?

Open WhatsApp, go to Contacts, and then select and view the contact that has the status you want to copy. Open the notification panel from the top of the screen, and tap Universal Copy to activate the copy mode. Select the text you want to copy, and tap . You can now paste the text into other apps.

What is whats app status?

WhatsApp Status allows you to share text, photos, videos and animated GIFs that disappear after 24 hours. In order to send and receive status updates to. Nokia S40. How do I change my profile photo, name or status? Status The status feature in WhatsApp is a real time indication of what you are doing.

How do I copy Whatsapp messages?

Method 2 Using Android
  1. Open the WhatsApp Messenger. …
  2. Tap on a conversation. …
  3. Tap and hold on to a chat line. …
  4. Tap the Copy button on the toolbar at the top of your screen. …
  5. Tap and hold onto the message text field. …
  6. Tap Paste. …
  7. Tap the Send button.


Status Downloader for Whatsapp
The application is available for free on Google Play store. It allows users to download photos, images, and share videos from Status. You can also set the downloaded multimedia as your own status. To get started, watch a WhatsApp Status on your original WhatsApp Messenger application and then open the Status Downloaded for WhatsApp app.



The application will automatically scan the Status you’ve seen on your phone and allow you to download, and reshare. The application also shows a timeline of recent WhatsApp Statuses from friends. While the application gets the job done, it is also full of advertisements. Download link

Status Downloader

Available for free for Android users, Status Downloader is fairly a simpler application to use. The application allows users to download and repost the status story for your contacts, batch saves multiple photos and video stories. The app claims users can view the status content even after 24 hours. Consider this app as an incognito mode as it allows users to view and save your contacts’ status story without going to the viewer’s list of contacts. Just like the previous app, Status Downloader is also full advertisements. Download link

File Explorer
You can also download WhatsApp Status through File Explorer apps. For instance, download and install ES File Explorer on your phone. Open the WhatsApp Status and let the photo fully load. Now, go back to your File explorer app. Open folder WhatsApp > choose media > Status. Note that you must have show hidden files in the ES file explorer.

If you’re just looking for new and trending videos to add to your WhatsApp Story, you can visit websites like hdv9.com. The website lets you download videos in multiple formats like mp4, webm, and 3GP. There are also sites like status77.in that help you set WhatsApp Status videos and text. The website offers content for Whatsapp Status Videos in Hindi, Punjabi, and Tamil.


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