10 Best First Person Shooter Games for Android

    Here are the best first person shooter games for Android in 2019. Action-packed FPS shooters where you can get headshots and test your skills. Don’t dig through the hundreds of games on the Google Play Store, instead, download one of these FPS games that are worth your time or money.

    Whether you’re looking for casual arcade-style gun games, Call of Duty action, futuristic HALO armor, or intense first-person shooters, we have it all. And that includes PUBG and Fortnite alternatives. Additionally, most of these games are completely free. If not, they only cost a few bucks.


    First-person shooter games are extremely popular and usually offer the best graphics on mobile. At the same time, you’ll probably need a newer device that can handle those graphics. These are the best shooters right now, and we’ll update this list as other great games arrive throughout the year in 2019.


    The FPS games in our roundup below will keep you busy for hours. They’ll have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next zombie to shoot, a grenade to throw, or dangerous mission to complete. Here’s a quick list for those interested. Then, full details and download links for each game is in our slideshow below.

    Best Shooter Games for Android

    1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout
    2. Dead Trigger 2
    3. NOVA 3: Freedom Edition
    4. Unkilled
    5. Guns of Boom
    6. PUBG Mobile
    7. Call of Duty: Mobile
    8. Fields of Battle
    9. Into The Dead 2
    10. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

    There are dozens of shooter games on the Google Play Store, or hundreds, actually. As a result, it can be hard to find a high-quality game. That’s because most of them are poor copies of others, wanna-be battle royale games or cheap console ports. Don’t waste time downloading those. Instead, our list will save you time, money, and recommend games you’ll actually enjoy.

    These are the best option available right now, even if a few games are getting a little old. Our slideshow below is in no specific order, and each game is excellent, so try them all. Additionally, you can also try some excellent 3rd person shooter games for mobile. Titles like Overkill 3, PUBG Mobile, ShadowGun Legends and more.

    Modern Combat 5: Blackout

    Modern Combat 5: Blackout

    The fifth installment of one of the most popular shooter games for Android has to be near the top of our list, and that’s Modern Combat 5: Blackout developed by Gameloft. It’s also completely free now after dropping the $4.99 price tag. It does rely a lot on an internet connection though. 

    MC5 features some of the best graphics to date on mobile, stunning gameplay, tons of action, and plenty of grenades to throw. With Modern Combat, you get an excellent and exciting fast-paced storyline for campaign mode. Basically, the world is on the brink of anarchy and you must fight through it. Then it has an excellent multiplayer mode where you can build your own squad of killers, and five different classes to level up. 

    The Spec-Ops missions are extremely fun too, and great for wasting time. Not only does this game have great graphics and music, the voice-overs are real actors and makes it feel very realistic. This game is a must download, especially those with a controller or NVIDIA Shield. 

    Download on Google Play

    Personally, I’ve stopped playing MC5 and my new favorite is Guns of Boom. Either one could top this list. 

    Dead Trigger 2
    Dead Trigger 2 is one of the most popular Android FPS games to date, and with good reason. The gameplay is addicting, the graphics are simply unmatched, and are even better on NVIDIA-powered devices. You’ll love the lifelike physics, active lighting, and exceptional detail. With 40 million people left on the planet and killer zombies walking the street you’ll have an arsenal of high-powered weapons to fight off the hoards. You can unlock additional weapons, like a chainsaw or Gatling gun, or buy weapons with real money if you’re impatient. With an evolving storyline and continuously being updated with more content, this is one of the best games to download. It’s also one I show off to friends or family to showcase Android gaming graphics. Be careful though, it can be so addicting you’ll find yourself spending money on more weapons. The developers have a new game called “Unkilled” worth considering too. Download on Google Play
    NOVA 3: Freedom Edition
    Gameloft makes some of the best Android games, and NOVA 3: Freedom Edition is one of them. Where Modern Combat is similar to COD, NOVA 3 is a blend of Halo and the popular PC game Crysis, but for Android smartphones and tablets. Fight enemies using some of the latest generation combat suits and save mankind in this epic game. NOVA 3 is a few years old, but earlier this year NOVA 3: Freedom Edition was released with no in-app purchases and completely free. Only there are the occasion ads to make up the difference. So now you have no reason not to download it. While it’s getting a little old in the tooth, it still has stunning graphics, intense shooter action, and a great storyline. Not to mention tons of weapons and seven multiplayer modes with up to 12 players for some of the best multiplayer action around. Give it a try today. Download on Google Play Don’t forget to try the new NOVA Legacy, it’s pretty amazing. 
    Unkilled is hands-down the best-looking zombie shooter for Android, especially when played on NVIDIA devices. The graphics are life-like and real. Everything from reflections, shadows, explosions and more. It’s amazing how detailed they’ve managed to make this game. With over 300 missions and tons of zombies to shoot you’ll be busy for hours.  It also uses some of the best high-resolution graphics and shadows around and improved controls for easier use on a mobile device. The developers worked closely with NVIDIA to improve graphics, reflections, and shadows for this title. It also plays great on the SHIELD Android console. Download on Google Play
    Guns of Boom
    For a while, we had Deer Hunter 2018 on this list, but that’s not really a “shooter game” like most shooter games. Yes, it’s first-person, but it’s a different feel completely. Instead, we’ve added Guns of Boom, one of the most popular FPS shooter games for both Android and iOS. Guns of Boom is almost like Team Fortress from the old days, where you’re playing multiple characters in a fast-paced high-action arena. The game has easy intuitive controls, tons of weapons and maps, and even a neat Augmented Reality mode you can change to while you’re dead, and spectating other players. Another thing that’s great about Guns of Boom is the graphics. They’re good, but they’re no so over the top that older phones struggle. You can even play on a tablet, just fine. Download Guns of Boom
    PUBG Mobile
    Does PUBG need an introduction? Like, at all?PlayerUnknown’s Battleground took the world by storm and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. And while this game is typically a 3rd person shooter, you can play in FPS mode too. Although personally, I feel like a 3rd person gives you an advantage. The idea is simple. They drop 100 players on an island and slowly force everyone to the center. The last player standing wins. It’s incredibly fun, and the game I’m playing while we wait for Fortnite to launch on Android. Seriously, play some PUBG. Download on the Google Play Store
    Call of Duty: Mobile
    Next up is the famous Call of Duty franchise, which delivered an all-new game in late 2019 you won’t want to miss. In fact, Call of Duty Mobile is the best FPS for smartphones, period. The brands latest game, in partnership with Tencent Games,  takes things to completely new heights. You get to play some of the most popular and iconic maps, characters, use the best weapons and more from all the COD games over the years — all in stunning graphics on a mobile device. Call of Duty: Mobile is available starting October 1st, 2019, so you only have a few more weeks to wait. Either way, we had to update this list and add this game, especially after trying the beta, because I’m comfortable saying it’s an absolute blast and one of the best games I’ve played to date. Enjoy classic missions, play tough multiplayer battles, or take part in epic Call of Duty Mobile battle royale matches till the last man is standing. Download October 1st on Google Play
    Fields of Battle
    Rather than hunting terrorists or shooting zombies, Fields of Battle employs a completely different approach. With this game, you’re basically in a paintball match and will need to be sneaky and use tactical skills to complete your missions. Just like real paintball, this is a fast game with a one-hit elimination strategy. They claim it has ground-breaking motion and gesture-based controls including sliding, diving, leaning out from cover, throwing grenades, and more to be the best FPS on Android. That might be a stretch, but it’s a unique approach to FPS shooters that is both exciting and fun. The game is free but there are plenty of in-app purchases to get more weapons, hold more paintballs, load up on gear and more. It’s more exciting than I expected, so give it a try. Download on Google Play
    Into The Dead 2
    With Into The Dead gamers will enjoy two of the most popular mobile games blend into one. That being an endless runner and a zombie first-person shooter. Into The Dead is extremely fast-paced, challenging, scary, and exciting all at the same time. You never stop moving and are tasked with fighting off thousands of the undead walking around fields. Collect health, power-ups, ammo and more while weaving in and out of obstacles, zombies, fences and more. It gets harder the further you run, like all endless runners, but you’ll be shooting your way to victory. The intense visuals and realistic sound effects separate this game from most of the others on this list. To make things better, they recently released Into The Dead 2. Both of them deserve to be on this list. So, download the first one, then the second from our links below. ITD2 has a similar style, but even better graphics. Download on Google PlayDownload Into The Dead 2
    Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
    Last but not least has to be another form Gameloft, which is Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. This was the first game I played on Android that truly felt near console-quality, and made me want to pick up a gamepad or the NVIDIA Shield. Modern Combat 4 is so similar to Call of Duty it should be illegal. At the same time, there’s no denying it is extremely fun, addicting, has excellent graphics, tons of sweet weapons, and will give you hours of entertainment. The dramatic storyline takes you on a crazy solo mission where the world is on the brink of warfare. The graphics and visual effects are two of the best aspects of this game. You’ll also enjoy “built-for-mobile” controls, and the multiplayer mode is pretty exciting too. The graphics aren’t as good as MC5, but still, shows just how good games can be on Android smartphones and tablets. If you go through all the games above, give Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour a try. A few honorary mentions are Brothers in Arms, Bullet Force, Robocop, Critical Ops (C-OPS) NOVA 3, and Sniper Fury. Or, those who want a TITANFALL like experience, try Walking War Robot. Another favorite of mine is Neon Shadow. Just try it, you’ll be glad you did. Last but not least, download Guns of Boom for real-time multiple FPS action. I’m also a fan of Dead Effect, and Morphite tooDownload on Google Play ($6.99)

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