10 Best Moto Z3 Cases


In this guide, we’ve gathered a list of the best cases for the Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play. With a premium metal design, a big screen, and raised dual cameras, a Moto Z3 case is highly recommended.

Especially if you don’t plan on using Moto Mods. And yes, cases fit both of these phones.

Moto Z3 cases come in a slew of different styles, colors, pricing and materials. And with all the glass on the back and the big raised camera, the phone is more fragile than past devices.

Our list details some cases as low as $8, which is better than paying $150+ to repair a broken screen. Whether that’s a thin case, wallet cases, kickstand cases or something else.

You’ll need to spend more to get the most durable cases or something from a reputable brand.

For those curious, the Moto Z3 and Z3 Play are nearly identical. As a result, cases for either phone fit just fine.

Plus, just because they’re budget phone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a case, or can’t find good options. In fact, we found several great cases for this phone.

Buying a cheap $8 TPU case is better than nothing. They’ll keep your phone from life’s daily hazards without breaking the bank.

Or, spend a little more for something extra strong. A case will go nicely with one of these 25 Moto Mods.

You won’t find many cases in carrier stores, or from Best Buy. As a result, we found the best cases for the Moto Z3 Play and added them all to one quick list.

Once the Moto Z3 hits shelves at Verizon we’re expecting even more great case options. In the meantime, get an excellent case from our slideshow below.

Incipio DualPro for Z3 Series


The first case on our list is the Incipio DualPro, the original dual-layer rugged case for smartphones. Incipio is one of the most popular and trusted brands on the market, and they make great products.

The DualPro case for the Moto Z3 or the Z3 Play uses multiple layers of durable polycarbonate plastic to ensure the phone doesn’t break it dropped. The soft interior shell interlocks with the hard rugged exterior for the best of both worlds. Soft insides with a hardcore to ensure nothing breaks your phone.

And yes, this case meets military-grade ratings. Get it in Black or Red.

Dretal Shock Armor Case


Another case worth recommending is the Dretal Shock Armor. This is your typical cheap, thin, and durable TPU, but with a few subtle changes. For one, Dretal uses multiple layers on the corners for added drop protection. Then, they add a metal plate to the inside of the case. That way it works with magnetic stands and car mounts. Which, of course, they sell on Amazon.

This case is thin, easy to install, cheap, works great, and has some accessories to go with it. Give it a try in three different colors.

Spigen Rugged Armor


This is probably hands-down the single most popular case for any and all smartphones. Spigen makes great cases, and the style they offer the most (and sell the most) is the rugged armor. This case has a sleek design, glossy accents, textured edges for ease of use, and they fit like a glove.

There’s a reason Spigen cases are the most popular, and that’s because they fit great and they work. We love the faux carbon fiber design, the tactile and responsive buttons, and the air-cushion technology in the corners so you won’t break the screen from drops or accidents. Get one today for your Z3 or Z3 Play.

Poetic Karbon Shield


The Poetic Slim Fit TPU case is exactly as the name implies. You’ll get a thin, lightweight, durable and easy to install case made entirely from TPU. Poetic reinforces each corner, adds a nice Carbon fiber design to the back, and then adds textures to the sides and grips of the case. That way it’s easy to hold and use, and you won’t accidentally drop your phone.

They use raised edges around the screen and camera, then add a second layer of TPU to the edges of the case for extra strength. It’s a good little case.

Incipio Esquire Series


We’re back with another great case from Incipio, only this one is slightly different from everything else on our list. Incipio is using a soft material that looks, feels, and seems like denim. Like your jeans. Instead, this case is made from cotton for a genuine look and feel, unlike any case you’ve owned.

Still, Incipio is using reinforced corners from TPU and hard polycarbonate plastic, then tops that with the fabric. Giving you a military-grade case that’s the best of both worlds. The co-molded design is really striking, and you’ll love this case.

TUDIA Heavy-Duty Merge


This next case is from TUDIA, a brand I’ve used a lot over the last few years. And while Tudia calls this a “heavy-duty case” it’s not. What I mean by that is yes, this case is heavy duty and durable, but it’s not big. It’s still very slim, sleek, yet durable and premium.

They’re using a dual-layer design similar to the Incipio DualPro, and it works great. This case has a soft inner shell with a hard polycarbonate pumper for improved overall protection.

You can easily snap the case together, and the raised edges around the screen and the camera keeps everything that’s important safe. We like that it comes in four different colors, too.

Ferlinso Elegant Leather Wallet Case


Some people just love a good wallet case. If you’re one of them, this Ferlinso Elegant series for the Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play is perfect.

This case has a beautiful premium leather finish that comes in three beautiful colors. We really like the red option. The wallet folds open and holds three credit cards or ID, including an ID window in the last one. Then, you can stash a lot of cash (or even a pocket mirror) in the back “cash slot” as well.

Like most wallet cases it snaps shut with a secure magnetic latch, that way you’ll never lose your wallet contents. Then, you can fold it open and use it as a kickstand, or use the included lanyard to never drop your phone and wallet. Try it out.

Dretal Bumper Clear Case


If you’re not going to use any Moto Mods, you might as well take advantage of some more cases. One being the Dretal Slim and Clear bumper case. The idea here is you’ll get a durable case that’s clear to show off the good looks of the Moto Z3 phone.

This case has soft impact resistant TPU material on the sides, with a hard (and clear) polycarbonate plastic on the back. Giving you the best of both worlds. It can protect the phone from drops while saving the screen and camera at the same time. It’s almost like a clear shell bumper case.

You’ll get precise cutouts for the side-mounted fingerprint scanner, charging port, and everything else. Try it out.

Dual-Layer Heavy Duty Silicone Case

Next up we have a heavy-duty dual layer case from LEEGU. We’ve used a few of these cases in the past, and they’re extremely rugged.

How this works is you have a hard polycarbonate shell on the outside that snaps over a soft silicone and TPU inside. This way the phone is safe from life’s daily hazards and will survive some more intense accidents at the same time.

LEEGU offers precise cutouts for everything, textured sides so you’ll never drop the phone, and a few nifty designs. While you can get this case in simple yet boring colors, this “don’t touch my phone” option is fun and unique. Give it a try.

Moto Z3 Luxury Leather Wallet Case


If you’re looking for a case that has some style, elegance, and sophistication, we found it. This Luxury PU leather case comes in Brown or Black and has a few design choices. We really like the kickstand feature, the magnetic enclosure, and the stitched edge around the entire phone case. Giving it a level of fit and finish a lot can’t offer at this price.

Basically, this is a premium leather wallet case for those that love flip wallet cases. They use an impact-resistant TPU material on the inside to hold your phone secure, then wrap the rest in leather. And while it only holds 1-2 credit cards or ID, plus cash, that’s all you’ll really need most of the time.

Fold it open and use it as a kickstand, or snap the magnetic latch shut to keep your contents safe. Get one in Black Ink or Coffee Brown.