10 Instagram Story Ideas – You Didn’t Know Existed!!!

    guys it’s time to spice up your Instagram stories so here are 10 Instagram story ideas you probably didn’t know existed

    I also have a couple free cool Instagram elements for you guys to use so let’s get into it this is such a cool Instagram story idea I found

    Quite a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been dying to show you guys so if you head on over to the gif section within Instagram stories and type in collage and letters and then search as you can see all these different college letters appear.

    There’s one for every single letter of the alphabet of course but then from there what you can obviously do is select each letter to spell out whatever it is you want to spell out for your story so I’m just spelling out coffee and then heading back to find some more letters to spell out time at the bottom and what I also like about these is,

    There are some lowercase and uppercase letters to choose from so you really can design a unique looking story and here’s just another example of another story I did on the right-hand side using these nifty collage letters now this is a brand new addition from Instagram and it was very needed

    if you click on a straw icon in the top right-hand side you may have seen a new arrow icon just like this and what this new arrow brush does is you guessed it draws arrows out for you so you literally just draw a line and it ends up with an arrow at the end every single time just as you see here I don’t know about you guys but I used to be on the struggle but when trying to draw arrows in Instagram so this new brush obviously makes life so much easier and again here’s just.

    Don’t Miss

    Another example of me using it if you don’t see this brush under your brush pack then just make sure to update your Instagram guys but other than that definitely try this one out

    Okay now this one is quickly for my iPhone users and I’m pretty sure somewhere along the line we’ve all tried to share a post to our Instagram stories but what you may have always found is the background is so boring well there is a way to spice that up so if you hit a visit to your photos application right and you get a background that has a hole cut off in the middle just like this what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna copy that photos then head on back to the Instagram app and add it as a sticker so you just click on that then you upscale your image so that you can see your posts through that hole and then just tap and bam your post comes

    through but now you have a really nice background so I actually have a bunch of these backgrounds with that little cutout in the middle on my website for you guys to download I have ten of these in total for you guys and I’ll show you some more a little bit later on in this video but definitely try this one out now this one is a really nifty story idea and make sure that none of your photos ever go unused let’s just say you’ve got an image like this but you didn’t quite get the framing right or something about it just isn’t quite right but you still want to put it to use well what you can do is select a color from the image and then make a solid background

    Then you’re going to grab the erase tool and erase a part of the picture that you actually like and want to use then what you’re gonna do is select the draw icon and once again select a color from an image just so it all ties in quite nicely and now draw around the circle

    By doing this it just really cleans up those edges were you raised and gives it a really fun unique looking aspect from there you can continue creating your story so as you said and making my way downtown always layer up those fonts guys because it looks super snazzy and then once I was done here is what it looked like and to think I didn’t really have a great picture to start off with.

    Here  is just another example so never let those pictures go to waste now in the past I’ve shown something

    See all in this video below

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