5 Things to Know About the macOS 10.15.2 Update in December

    5 Things to Know About the macOS 10.15.2 Update in December is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

    Apple is working on the macOS 10.15.2 update that should fix some of the macOS Catalina problems and issues as well as potentially adding in new features. This is what you need to know about the next major update to Apple’s mac software.

    This is likely connected to the iOS 13.3 update that Apple shared with developers earlier this week and it comes on the tail of macOS 10.15.1 that brought new emojis, Siri privacy settings, and fixes.

    We don’t have an official macOS 10.15.2 release date yet, but there is a developer beta that is on the fourth version. We expect that this will arrive soon, potentially this coming week. This guide walks through what you need to know about the new update for your Mac.

    We’ll explore what’s new in macOS 10.15.2, what to expect from the release date and time, beta information and if this is the update that makes it worth upgrading to macOS Catalina.

    macOS 10.15.2 Beta

    What you need to know about the macOS 10.15.2 update.

    The first macOS 10.15.2 beta is available to developers right now, allowing them to test out bug fixes and changes to the macOS Catalina release. You can install the developer beta, but it’s not something that is recommended on production machines or on your only mac.

    The macOS 10.15.2 beta runs on all Macs that support macOS Catalina and it should fix some of the issues that users have run into over the last month. Hopefully, it also improves the experience of older Macs and with third-party software.

    We believe this will likely include a fix for the popping speakers and other 16-inch MacBook Pro problems.

    You may be tempted to install the macOS Catalina beta to get ahead of macOS Catalina problems, the beta could bring more issues, especially in the first release. If you see the 10.15.2 beta listed as an update you can install, you can skip it if you don’t want to try it out or leave the beta program altogether.

    macOS 10.15.2 Release Date

    Apple has yet to announce or confirm a macOS 10.15.2 release date, but there is a very good chance that it arrives this coming week. While Apple did fix up some issues with the .1 release, there are enough lingering issues and concerns from users that it makes sense to bring the update out in the near future.

    A report from carriers says that the iOS 13.3 update is coming during the week of the 9th, and this update will likely come with it.

    macOS 10.15.2 Release Time

    The macOS 10.15.1 release date is up in the air, but the release time is almost certainly going to be 10 AM Pacific. Apple typically releases new updates at this time, and if they choose to push out the update along with iOS 13.3, this will make even more sense. There’s a breakdown of this time across countries and time zones below.

    • Eastern – 1 PM
    • Central – 12 PM
    • Mountain – 11 AM
    • London – 6 PM
    • Moscow – 9 PM
    • New Delhi – 10:30 PM
    • Shanghai – 1 AM
    • Tokyo – 2 AM
    • Melbourne – 3 AM
    • Auckland – 5 AM

    Apple will likely release multiple betas for developers, and there is always a chance for a public beta. These releases typically happen around the same time of day.

    macOS 10.15.2: What’s New

    As with many of these developer betas, we don’t have a full list of what’s new in macOS 10.15.2 yet. We expect a focus on fixing bugs and improving stability as well as overall performance.

    One rumor suggests iOS 13.3 includes a communications limits feature for Screen Time, which could play into the new macOS update. This may also include code needed for new Mac products, but that is a guess at this point.

    Should You Wait for macOS 10.15.2?

    The macOS 10.15.2 update is an important milestone, but it’s not yet clear if this is the mark you should set for you upgrade to macOS Catalina if you are still on macOS Mojave. The 10.15.1 update helped with our overall stability, but this new update should deliver more improvements.

    If you are already on macOS Catalina, you may as well install 10.15.1 today and then wait for this update. If you are still on Mojave, it is a good idea to wait for this update before you make the jump.

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    5 Things to Know About the macOS 10.15.2 Update in December is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

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