9 Things to Know About the iPhone 6 iOS 12.4.2 Update

    9 Things to Know About the iPhone 6 iOS 12.4.2 Update is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

    The surprise iOS 12.4.2 update could have a significant impact on your device’s performance. And while some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users will see a positive impact, many others will run into problems.

    Apple’s rolled out a new version of iOS 12 and the company’s iOS 12.4.2 update comes with a very short list of changes.

    The iOS 12.4.2 update doesn’t have a whole lot on board, but some users are noticing a big change in performance after installing the new firmware.

    We haven’t run into any major bugs during our time with iOS 12.4.2, but those of you thinking about upgrading from iOS 11 to iOS 12 or iOS 12.0/iOS 12.0.1/iOS 12.1.1/iOS 12.1.2/iOS 12.1.3/iOS 12.1.4/iOS 12.2/iOS 12.3/iOS 12.3.1/iOS 12.4/iOS 12.4.1 to iOS 12.4.2 need to be careful.

    iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users are complaining about a variety of issues ranging from UI lag to app issues to severe battery drain.

    Some of these issues are new and some of them have carried over from iOS 12.0, iOS 12.0.1, iOS 12.1, iOS 12.1.1, iOS 12.1.2, iOS 12.1.3, iOS 12.1.4, iOS 12.2, iOS 12.3, iOS 12.3.1, iOS 12.4, and iOS 12.4.1.

    With all that in mind, we want to guide you through the most important things to know, right now, about the iPhone 6 iOS 12.4.2 update.

    Our walkthrough goes over the iPhone 6’s iOS 12.4.2 problems and provides you with potential fixes. It also highlights the changes on board iOS 12.4.2, provides you with information about the iOS 12 downgrade, and gives you a look ahead at what’s ahead for the iPhone 6.

    We’ve been using the iOS 12.4.2 update on the iPhone 6 for a short time and we want to start with a quick review of its performance.

    Install iOS 12.4.2 for Better Security

    Install iOS 12.4.2 for Better Security

    If you’re on the fence, this is one of the best reasons to install iOS 12.4.2.

    If you value your device’s security, you’ll want to download iOS 12.4.2 in the near future because it brings an important security patch for your device. You can read about it right here

    If you skipped iOS 12.4.1, you’ll get its security patch with your update. You can read about that patch right here

    If you skipped iOS 12.4, you get its patches with your iOS 12.4.2 update. 

    iOS 12.4 brought 19 security patches to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you’re interested in the specifics, you can read about them on Apple’s security site

    If you skipped iOS 12.3, your iOS 12.4.2 update carries iOS 12.3’s security patches on board. The iOS 12.3 update brought 23 patches and you can read about all of them right here on Apple’s site. 

    If you skipped iOS 12.2, you’ll get its security patches with your version of iOS 12.4.2.

    iOS 12.2 brought a whopping 41 security patches to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in March. You can read more about the iOS 12.2’s patches over on the company’s website

    It’s important to note that Apple’s iOS 12.2 update patched up an exploit that allowed websites to use motion sensors to “fingerprint” devices.

    The exploit, discovered by researchers in Europe, uses JavaScript to snag data from a device’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer when the user visits an infected website. If the attack is successful, a device can be tracked around the internet. 

    Fortunately, Apple’s patched up the issue. If you skipped it, you’ll probably want to move to iOS 12.4.2 soon.

    Install iOS 12.4.2 If You’ve Got Problems
    If you’re dealing with issues on your device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you should try the iOS 12.4.2 update right now. If you missed iOS 12.4, your iOS 12.4.2 update has its fixes on board. iOS 12.4 included a security fix for the Walkie-Talkie app on Apple Watch and re-enabled Walkie-Talkie functionality. So if you use Walkie-Talkie on your Apple Watch, consider downloading the latest firmware.The iOS 12.4.2 update could also fix performance issues like severe battery drain, broken Wi-Fi connectivity, UI lag, busted Bluetooth, random reboots, lockups and freezes, and various issues with first-party applications.These fixes aren’t listed in the change log, but iOS updates often fix common performance issues and unlisted bugs. If you skipped iOS 12.3.1, you get its bug fixes with your version of iOS 12.4.2. The iOS 12.3.1 update delivered the following fixes:
    A fix for an issue that could prevent making or receiving VoLTE calls.Fix for issues in Messages that could cause messages from unknown senders to appear in your conversation list even though Filter Unknown Senders is enabled.A fix for an issue that could prevent the Report Junk link from appearing in Messages threads from unknown senders.If you missed iOS 12.3, you get its bug fixes with your iOS 12.4.2 update. If you’re dealing with one of these issues, upgrade immediately.
    Fix an issue that could prevent Apple TV Remote from pausing video, controlling video, or changing volume on supported receiversFix for an issue that could cause calls made using Wi-Fi calling to dropFix for an issue where song information from a connected iPhone may not appear in a car’s displayIf you skipped iOS 12.2, you get its bug fixes with iOS 12.4.2. Here are the bug fixes that were on board that version of iOS 12:
    Improved stability and performance of Apple TV Remote on iOSFix for an issue that prevented some missed calls from appearing in Notification CenterFix for an issue where a badge notification could appear on Settings even though no action is neededFix for an issue in Settings > General > iPhone Storage where the storage size of some large apps, the System category, and the Other category in the storage bar graph could be incorrectFix for an issue that could cause Voice Memos to automatically play back recordings after connecting to a car Bluetooth deviceFor for an issue that could cause Voice Memos to temporarily prevent renaming a recordingIf you skipped previous versions of iOS 12 you’ll get their bug fixes with your version of iOS 12.4.2.iOS 12.1.3 delivered some key bug fixes for Messages, HomePod, and CarPlay issues. Here’s the full list:
    Fixes an issue in Messages that could impact scrolling through photos in the Details view.Addresses an issue where photos could have striped artifacts after being sent from the Share Sheet.Fixes an issue that could cause HomePod to restart.Addresses an issue that could cause Siri to stop listening.If you skipped iOS 12.1.1, you get a longer list of bug fixes with your version of iOS 12.4.2:
    Fix an issue that prevented visual voicemail from downloading for some customers.Fix for an issue in Messages that could prevent predictive text suggestions when typing on the Chinese or Japanese keyboards.Fix for an issue that could prevent Voice Memos recordings from uploading to iCloud.Fix for an issue where time zones may not have updated automatically.If you skipped iOS 12.1, you’ll get an even longer list of bug fixes with your version of iOS 12.4.2:
    Fix for an issue that caused messages to be merged into one thread when two users were signed in with the same Apple ID on multiple iPhonesFix for an issue that prevented some voicemails from appearing in the Phone appFix for an issue in the Phone app that could cause phone numbers to appear without their corresponding contact nameFix for an issue that could prevent Screen Time from reporting specific websites in the activity reportFix for an issue that could prevent adding or removing family members from Family SharingFix for an issue that could cause MDM Device Enrollment to report an Invalid Profile error for some enterprise usersIf you skipped iOS 12.0.1, your iOS 12.4.1 update comes with additional bug fixes including:
    Restored the original position of the “.?123″ key on the iPad keyboard.An issue where subtitles may not appear in some video apps.An issue where Bluetooth could become unavailable.If you’re still running iOS 11, there are some great reasons to make the move to the iOS 12 operating system right now. The iOS 12 update is focused on improving performance. The company’s aging iPhone 5s will open apps 40% faster, swipe to the camera from the lock screen 70% faster, show the keyboard faster, and deliver better all-around performance. Other devices benefit as well.If you own a newer model you’ll see sharing options 2x faster and your apps should launch much faster than they did on iOS 11.  If you’re struggling on iOS 12.4.1, iOS 12.4, iOS 12.3.2, iOS 12.3.1, iOS 12.3, iOS 12.2, iOS 12.1.4, iOS 12.1.3, iOS 12.1.2, iOS 12.1.1, iOS 12.1, iOS 12.0.1, iOS 12.0, iOS 11.4.1, or an older version of iOS 11, you should give iOS 12.4.2 a shot.Be sure to dig into feedback from iOS 12.4.2 users before you install.

    Install iOS 12.4.2 for Apple News Upgrades
    iOS 12.4 brought some improvements to Apple News. If you skipped iOS 12.4 and iOS 12.4.1, and these sound interesting, download iOS 12.4.2. You’ll get them with the upgrade. With iOS 12.4/iOS 12.4.1/iOS 12.4.2 on board, downloaded issues are now accessible in the My Magazines section, both offline and online.iOS 12.4 also added all publications in Apple News+, including newspapers, to the catalog at the top of the News+ feed and the ability to clear downloaded magazine issues by selecting History > Clear > Clear All. If you want to use the company’s new Apple News+ service, and you missed iOS 12.2, iOS 12.3, iOS 12.3.1, iOS 12.3.2, iOS 12.4, and iOS 12.4.1, you’ll have to download iOS 12.4.2 on your device. Apple News+ is a brand new subscription service that upgrades the Apple News experience with hundreds of magazines and top newspapers. Apple’s editors handpick top articles and magazine issues for you and you’ll also get personalized recommendations on the topics that are most interesting to you. The service also includes Automatic downloads that make it easy to read magazine issues offline top of that, Apple News is now available in Canada, with a free experience that includes handpicked Top Stories, a personalized Today feed, and support for both English and French.

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