7 Proven Advance Seo tips that drives high quality traffic to your website


it’s really difficult to get your site high quality traffic without a proper seo knowledge:

but if you want to learn advance seo tips which get you fast result, you’re at right place.Advance Seo tips

Now you might be thinking:

“does this advance seo tips really work?”

Well have use this tips and it’s works for me

My website traffic has increase by 25% which can be apply to your website.

with this step by step process am about to show you included is an appealing    infographic for more clear demonstration.


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Advance Seo tips


Here is my 7 Proven Advance Seo tips that drives high quality traffic to your website 100%


TIPS 1 Boost your site loading speed

google has publicly state that it use your page speed as a ranking factor

but not in the way you probably think?

according to experiment carried out by Brain Dean,

Google does not reward a fast loading website, It penalizes slow loading websites.

Believe it or not?

Because google’s number 1 job is to give there user’s the best result from a search               a query and every one hates slow loading website

so if your site load slower than that of your competitor then google will demote you

The bottom line?

google care more about it’s user retention

does that make sense? good…

To improve your website loading speed by 30%, head over to google page insight          enter a page url from your site here

google page insigh

don’t automatically put the home page of your site instead enter an external page          from your website that get a lot of traffic, then click analyze.


Google will show you where your page code need adjustment

Note: Google page speed tools is helpful but it has one problem?

It doesn’t measure your site actual loading speed, instead it analyze your page            inside code like java-script and css.

To get more accurate feel for how your site speed looks to real life users check out Gtmetrx.com.




Gtmetrix.com will show data and how your page actually load to real life user’s             which is a more accurate measurement of how your site speed stacks up


Here is the deal:

You can have the best site with the best content, but if your website has a serious           seo technical issues you’re not going to rank

Fortunately identifying and fixing this sort of problem can be super easy using                 my Advance Seo tips

Here is how to do it:

Your first step is login to your google search console

Pay special close attention to the craw error section and notice if there problems            with DNS, SERVER CONNECTIVITY AND ROBOTS.TEXT FETCH, that’s what you              want to fix ASAP and make sure it all shows the green check mark.


Seo tips


Next click on the craw errors bottom which will take you to url error section of                 the search console.

It’s perfectly okay to have a few server error and 404 but if you see hundred’s                 of errors there, this is something you wanna fix ASAP


Here are 3 cool tips for finding awesome keywords in my Advance Seo tips

1 Google Suggest

you might be wondering what that is?

enter a keyword or phrase into google but don’t press enter, google will suggest           long tail keyword that you can target


google search console


Note: when google actually suggest a long tail keyword to you, then you should           know that it’s a keywords that lot of people search for.

For more result i recommend you use UBER SUGGEST TOOLS to see 100 suggest      keyword in one place click below to use

But most instance the best keywords is a search term you already rank for:

What do i mean?

Am talking about finding untapped keywords in the google search console.

Here is how it’s done:

First login into your google search console at the left side drop down menu, click        search then search analytic.

 google search console


Sort through result by position, then scroll down till you reach position 11: 15,               this are the keywords you’ve already been ranking for on the second page.

Our last keywords tool tips is to use SEMRUSH, This is my favorite keywords    research tool.

Here is why:

In most keyword research tool, you insert a keyword in the tool, then get a list of suggestions but SEMRUSH is unique.


Instead of inserting the keywords in the tools, preferably enter a competitors website and SEMRUSH shows you all the keywords that they already rank for.

don’t stop there:


Back in the days google would reward sites lot’s of unique quality content, that’s            why so many blogs started publishing lot of mediocre 400 words blog post

But the truth is this:

The whole publishing lot’s of unique content approach simply doesn’t work anymore.


Today google ultimate goal is to show the user the best result for a giving keyword,     which means they don’t care how many pieces of content your site put out or how        often you publish.

does that sound convincing?

therefore if publishing lots of unique content doesn’t work:

then what will?

Publishing less often. but making each piece of content that you do publish absolutely  crazy amazing with my Advance Seo tips.

Here is how to create crazy amazing content:

Make your content instantly actionable,

what do i mean?

A actionable content is known as highly practical content and studies by Dr Jonah       Berger shows that highly practical content rise 34% and go viral than content with          no practical content.

2 You want to make sure that your content is at least 1890 words long, Yes this          might go against conventional wisdom, After all you might have had that people          won’t read anything online that is more than 500n words but it’s not true.

Here’s is a case study:

Brain Dean and other Seo company to conduct the highest ranking factor studies          ever, in total they analyze 1,000,000 google search result.

They discover longer content mostly out performed short blog post, most of all it was discovered that the average first page in google posted 1890 words

3 Make infographic part of your content

recent study show that content with infographic get 2.3 plus shares than other        contents formats, i found it to be true and have started using infographic for my     contents.


Now that you’ve publish an awesome piece of long form content, it’s time to            optimize it around your target keyword known as On page seo.

Here is how:

Make sure you publish your page on a short url, All ranking studies show that              short url tends to outrank long url


 On page seo


b add relevant target keyword often in the first 100 words of your article.


Google put more weight on keywords that appear at the top of your page, so to help google understand what your page is all about, make sure you include your keyword     once in the first 100 words of your page

c Add outbound links to your page, Google want to be sure your content is a comprehensive result on that topic and that’s only possible if you link out to other     helpful pieces of content.

In fact recent studies show that outgoing relevant links to authoritative sites      consistently out rank pages that don’t link out to other website.


There are thousand ways to get high quality traffic to your website so am going               to share my actually favorite with you right in my Advance Seo tips now which is easy and fast

Broken link building

a Find a page you want to get a link from:


To find pages with lot’s of external links, by using  search trends like

“phrase” + “helpful resources” or “phrase” + Inurl:links which will bring

up pages with lot of external links.







b Find broken links on that page.


You can find broken links by installing the free Check My Links in google chrome,


Check My Links


then go to the page you found with external links run Check My Links and it will           reveal all broken links inside the page that’s not working.

c Let the site owner know about there broken links and offer your content as a   replacement here is an example of what to send:


I was looking for some information on “Advance Seo tips” today when i came               across your list of <Advance Seo tips> resource

Awesome content!

i noticed a brooking link on the page :

<Broken url>

I just though maybe you would  like to know>

therefore, I just prepared some article for <Advance Seo tips>.

it might make a nice   addition to your page.

Either way, keep up the awesome work!



In 2015 google announce that they now use am machine learning Algorithm called RankBrain. .

You might be wondering who is this Rankbrain?

Larry Kim from Washington has discovered how rank brain works.

According to it’s data Rankbrain measure how user interact with your site

in google search and it’s rank you base on this user experience

he demonstrated with a clear appearance between Organic CRT and rankings,

specifically he found out that a page with a the highest CTR tended to out rank

page with the below average CTR.

He also discover that page with the bounce rate below 76% tended to rank fast and     that’s because RankBrain also like how often user bounce from your site and to sum it up the lower the bounce rate the better chance for your site to rank higher.

Did you discover some new Advance Seo tips that i hadn’t discuss here?
Let us Know in they comment below!

Get back to me if you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share






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