AT&T Will Launch Actual 5G To Millions Of Users This Year

    AT&T claims it will launch out 5G offers—not LTE-supported 5G Evolution; only 5G—all over the nation by next year, but in the “weeks to come,” millions of users will get access as it surpasses markets such as Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Rochester NY, Providence RI, and San Diego. Early orders for the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, its first low-band 5G handset, begin this week, and access to the higher-speed network is added in 2 of its lately-rolled out plans, Unlimited Extra and Unlimited Elite.

    As per the maps AT&T published, it must have more broadly-accessible 5G coverage as compared to what we have experienced in trials, or witnessed in very-particular area-by- area maps such as the ones Verizon published. Certainly, we will have to test out to check how well the signal distributes out.

    As per Thaddeus Arroyo (the CEO), “We are now introducing users with broad 5G service (the future of wireless) added in our unlimited best plans for 5G handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G.”

    This is all apart from the current 5G+ by AT&T that is “even higher and faster performing” in 21 regions and serves businesses with mmWave spectrum. It is anticipated to reach with 5G+ by early next year “regions” of 30 cities.

    Speaking of AT&T, the firm earlier showed that it is increasing costs for its TV Now platform for the second time in 2019. And it is not a tiny elevation. The firm earlier alerted users that the Plus plan will increase to $65 from $50 per month this month, while the Max tier will jump to $80 from $70 per month at the same time. This makes the base offering almost 2 times as costly as it was during the roll out in 2016, when it had a price tag of $35.

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