August’s new smart doorbell is wireless and actually looks like a doorbell

    August is unveiling a new smart doorbell today, and its biggest feature may be that it actually resembles a doorbell.

    The August View is a small rectangular box with a camera at the top and a big button at the bottom to ring the bell. It’s fairly obvious that the device is a doorbell, which is a big change from the first two generations of August doorbells. Past models were square with a large button in the center that didn’t look like a button or like a doorbell. It was a real problem.

    On top of the redesign, the August View has another big distinction: it’s wireless. You no longer have to worry about having the correct doorbell wiring to buy one. Now, you can just mount the August View outside of your door, and you’re basically good to go. Different styles of doorbell wiring meant that earlier generations of the product may have only been compatible with newer homes.

    Being wireless comes with some downsides, though. The new model is powered by a rechargeable battery, which is estimated to last between three to six months on a charge, depending on your usage. August says customers will get “numerous alerts” before the battery dies. The doorbell also requires you to plug a separate chime (included in the box) into an outlet inside your home.

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