10 Best Android Emulators for PC (2019)

    These are the best Android emulators for PC, how they work, and why you’d want to use one. There are many reasons why someone would want to run an Android emulator on their desktop computer. Developers use them to test apps, and some people use emulators to play Android games with a keyboard and mouse.

    Being able to run, play, or test Android apps and games on a computer is getting increasingly popular. As a result, there are now more choices than ever before when it comes to Android emulators for PC. Most on our list work with the Mac too.

    In fact, emulators are easy to access and most of them are free. That said, they’re not all created equal, nor is the setup process the same. That’s why we recommend the ones below to fit your needs.

    The biggest reason for an Android emulator is to test apps and games before they’re released to the public. An important aspect of the experience for a developer is the speed, performance, and smoothness of their app or game. Testing apps for Oreo, Android Pie, or getting prepared for Android Q is an important step for developers.

    Here’s our quick list of the best Android Emulators for PC, in no particular order. Then, check out our slideshow below for more details and links to download one today.

    Best Android Emulators for PC

    • Andy
    • Bluestacks 4
    • Android Studio Emulator
    • KoPlayer
    • MeMu
    • DROID4x
    • GenyMotion
    • Nox
    • ARChon Emulator
    • AMIDuOS

    And while some Android emulators for PC run better than others, most of them work the same way. Meaning most of the performance comes from how good your computer is, not the emulator. Having a powerful PC with plenty of RAM and a good processor means you’ll get good performance from your emulated experience.

    That said, choosing the best emulator then comes down to features, the price of add-ons or the user interface more than anything else. Again, they’re all similar, so pick what’s best for you or your workflow.

    Again, these Android emulators for PC are in no specific order. Each one has its pros and cons, and some are older than the others. We recommend trying out AMIDuOS, Andy, or Bluestacks 3 (or 4) first. Those with gaming in mind will want to download Nox. With that said, here’s more information about each and links to download them.

    Andy Emulator

    Andy Emulator
    First up on our list is an entirely free emulator named Andy, or Andyroid. If you’re looking for a suitable replacement for Bluestacks, give this a try.

    Andy is completely free and runs virtually the entire Android experience on your PC. You can install and run apps, games, productivity apps, home screen launchers and more. There’s even an option for root access if you need it.

    Overal Andy is better at working with apps and programs, but you can game with it as well. Additionally, Andy works on both the PC and the Mac. You might experience some lag, so make sure you have a capable computer. We’ve heard a few odd reports about the company, so if you’re unsure just stick with Bluestacks.

    Download Andy Emulator


    Bluestacks 3 & 4

    Bluestacks 3 & 4
    Bluestacks is the most popular and well-known emulator on the market. They’ve been around for a long time, work with both PC and MAC, and it’s filled with useful features for all your emulator needs.

    Bluestacks gained popularity with gamers, but it has a lot more to offer than just that. Additionally, if you tried Bluestacks a few years ago we recommend giving it another shot. The program was very bloated, slow at times, and didn’t offer the best experience.

    In 2018 though, things vastly improved with Bluestacks 3 and 4. And while the interface isn’t the cleanest around, this has some neat add-ons. It’s faster, easier to use, and just better than it was in 2017. You can launch multiple versions at a time, to play more than one game at the same time. They offer key-mapping, so you have total control over the keyboard instead of dealing with touch controls, and much more. We recommend Blue 4 or Nox for gamers. Give it a try today.

    Download Bluestacks


    Android Studio Emulator

    Android Studio Emulator
    Google’s own development IDE for Android is an idea too. The Android Studio is to help developers create apps and games for Android, but it has a pretty capable emulator built-in as well.

    This works great for developers, but if you’re looking to mess around, play games, or use it as a consumer this isn’t the best option. Just know that it is difficult to set up, but once you do, things will be much easier. Again, only use this if you’re already into the Studio.

    Download Android Studio Emulator



    If you’re an Android gamer looking to get into emulators, this is another one we have no problem recommending. Lately, it seems like everyone wants to try an emulator for gaming.

    KoPlayer says it’s the “Gamers’ first choice for Android emulators” and that’s because they have a few features many of the others don’t. Installation is pretty easy, and it works like most others on the market. However, you can record apps and gameplay for all those streamers or YouTubers. Then they offer keymapping and controller support.

    KoPlayer is a little buggy, like most, but it’s completely free and a great first stop for gamers.

    Download it today



    If you’re looking for an Android emulator for PC that does a little of everything, this is it. MEmu is an up and coming emulator, and with good reason.

    For starters, MEmu supports Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop and more. Then, they offer support for both Intel and AMD processors, which many others don’t. Giving you more options than ever.

    A lot of emulators don’t work with Lollipop, making this one of the few on that short list. Additionally, you can run two instances at once for more productivity. It works with games too, although that’s not its best attribute. MEmu is free to try, so give it a chance. This’ll be one of your best options throughout 2019.

    Download MEmu



    Droid4X is one of those classic Android emulators that almost everyone has heard of before. It works with essentially any and all Android apps, which is nice.

    It’s very simple, straightforward, and works great with a few light casual games. They do mention productivity and other apps, but we’re not sure how great those are going to work. DROID4x works with PC and MAC, and is still available to download. However, we’re not sure if the program gets any support from the developers anymore. We recommend trying a few others first. If everything else fails, it’s worth a shot for some light gaming.

    Download Droid4x

    Or, try something called Bliss.



    Next up is Genymotion, an emulator for developers instead of gamers. The biggest benefit of this program is the ability to test your apps and games on a variety of “devices”. Basically, without owning a Pixel 3 or something, you can still test apps for those devices.

    You’ll have the option to quickly change between different devices or Android versions, test your app or game, then switch to something else with ease. They also offer a powerful virtualization platform for any professionals needs. They even have an OnDemand and Cloud version, and it works for PC and Mac.

    Geny is completely free and worth consideration.

    Download GenyMotion



    If you’re a gamer and want an Android emulator, we recommend NoX. Everything about NoX has gamers in mind. From the speed, performance, smooth UI, to all the customization and controller support.

    You can simulate gestures and on-screen navigation controls on a keyboard with ease. Assign your arrow keys to certain things like swiping left, right, up, or down. They offer controller support, joysticks work, and much more. NoX offers plenty of add-ons too.

    As you expected, this is completely free. Try NoX Player.

    Download NoX today


    ARChon Emulator

    ARChon Emulator
    This next emulator is completely different from the others on our list. With ARChon, you can run Android apps in Google Chrome. Yes, Chrome OS runs Android apps, but this is for the browser. See the benefits? A lightweight emulator right inside your favorite web browser.

    ARChon isn’t the easiest emulator to get up and running, but once you do, you’ll love the ability to quickly load apps and APK’s into Chrome. First, you add ARChon to your browser, then you upload Android APK’s you want to open and run.

    You can use this with PC, Mac, or Linux, which will surely be what someone is looking for. If you’re struggling with setup, just remember that the results are worth it. Here’s more information, too.

    Download ARChon Emulator



    Last but not least is one of our favorites, although they shut down earlier in 2018. AMIDuOS comes in two Android flavors: Jelly Bean or Lollipop. One is $10 after a free trial, while the newer Lollipop costs $15 after your trial.

    If you paid for this service, you can still download it by clicking here. Unfortunately, a lot of emulators aren’t needed anymore, and developers stopped supporting them.

    AMIDuOS was great for basic app testing, some advanced stuff, productivity use, office programs and it even works pretty good when it comes to gaming. You can try it out on Windows 7, 8, or 10, and they have tons of help videos so you can get started with ease. That includes many Windows tablets too, so you can easily switch between Windows or Android on the fly, even when you’re working mobile. This isn’t dual-boot, but you can easily switch between the two.

    Download AMIDuOS Emulator

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