Best charging cables for the PowerBeats Pro

    The new PowerBeats Pro are small but mighty earphones that are perfect for people who like to work up a sweat and listen to crystal-clear tunes at the exact same time — they even work with Siri. They can provide up to nine hours of listening time, but first, they’re going to have to charge. Using a lightning cable, you can power up your PowerBeats Pro earphones and get back to your adventures and activities. Here are the best charging cables for the PowerBeats Pro.

    Best for most

    Anker Lightning cable

    Staff Favorite

    The Anker Lightning cable is a reliable and fast charging cable that’ll keep your PowerBeats Pro earphones charged and ready to go. You get three, three-foot cables in one pack, giving you quite the bang for your buck.

    $24 at Amazon


    Ckj SC Lightning cable

    The Ckj SC Lightning cable comes in a five-pack of three-foot lightning cables and is made from a braided nylon material that’s designed to be tangle-free. It comes in gray, black, blue, or silver color options.

    $13 at Amazon

    90-degree connector

    AUKEY Lightning cable

    The AUKEY Lightning cable is built with a 90-degree connector that makes it less bulky than other cables. The flexible yet tough design makes it a durable cable thanks to its braided nylon exterior.

    $15 at Amazon


    Maitron Lightning cable

    The Maitron Lightning cable comes with a 12-month warranty if there are any issues with it. It’s made out of durable, braided nylon, and is guaranteed to quickly charge your PowerBeats Pro earphones.

    From $9 at Amazon


    Anker Lightning cable

    The Anker Lightning cable is a braided and durable charging cable that comes in 3.3-foot and 6-foot lengths. You get 2 cables in a pack. It comes in eye-catching red, black, and silver color options.

    From $20 at Amazon


    AmazonBasics Lightning cable

    The AmazonBasics Lightning cable is an affordable charging option for your PowerBeats Pro earphones. It comes in three-foot and six-foot length options and you can get it in a 1-pack or a 10-pack.

    From $7 at Amazon


    JSAUX Lightning cable

    The JSAUX Lightning cable is a flexible, reliable, and fast-charging Lightning cable. It comes in grey and red color options and is six feet long. It’s made out of military-grade fiber, making it incredibly durable.

    From $11 at Amazon


    Fantany Lightning cable

    The brightly colored Fantasy Lightning cable is an incredibly sturdy and rugged cable. It’s both beautiful and fast charging, while the stainless steel jacket makes it crunch-proof and tough to tear.

    From $15 at Amazon

    MFi certified

    XCENTZ Lightning cable

    The XCENTZ Lightning cable is made from a bulletproof nylon material and is guaranteed to always work with your PowerBeats Pro earphones, even after software updates. It comes in 3-foot and 6-foot length options and blue and red color choices.

    From $17 at Amazon

    Charge your PowerBeats Pro with some help from a Lightning cable

    Keeping your PowerBeats Pro earphones charged and ready to go is a must, especially if you want to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and playlists on the go. We really love the price, durability, and quick charging capabilities of the Anker Lightning cable (plus you get three cables in one pack).

    If you’re still on the fence about whether to go with PowerBeats Pro or Apple AirPods, check out our comparison of both products.

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