Best Five Wireless Chargers

    The smartphone world is continuously evolving. To ensure fast and convenient charging, wireless chargers were introduced. There are several wireless chargers out there for you to buy. It may get confusing to choose the right one for you. This article will help you choose the best wireless charger.

    Samsung Qi Certified Wireless Charger Pad

    samsung wireless charger

    Samsung is one of the top smartphone manufacturers. It is no surprise that their wireless charger is one of the best. The Samsung wireless charging pad is compatible with Qi supported phones. It has a very sleek design. It is also very compact, and the changing light indicators add a touch of elegance. It comes with an output voltage of 5V and output current of 2000mA.

    Samsung has ensured that this charger can be used on the go. Setting it up is child’s play. To charge your phone you simply place over it. It is very durable, despite of its fragile looks. You can get this item in two colors: black and white. Both of the colors look classy. The Samsung wireless charging pad costs about 21 USD. The price is a bit higher, but its quality truly makes up for it.

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    Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charger Stand

    anker powerwave wireless charger

    Anker isn’t a smartphone manufacturer. However, this doesn’t stop from making one of the best wireless chargers out there in the market. Works with all Qi supported phones, but for the best experience a flagship phone would be needed. Anker PowerWave is well-known for being the most versatile wireless charger. It is very easy to set up. Placing it on the stand may seem to some a tad bit annoying. However, the charging speed is amazing!

    Unlike many wireless chargers, Anker PowerWave is ‘case-friendly’. This means you don’t need to take off your phone’s case every time you charge it. It comes with an 18-month warranty, and their customer service is very friendly. You can charge your phone in landscape mode as well. This is awesome for people that like watching videos while charging their phones. Since it is one of the premium wireless chargers out there, its price is higher than most. It costs about 40 USD.

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    RAVPower Qi Certified 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad

    RAVPower wireless charger

    RAVPower specializes on phone accessories, mostly chargers. This charging pad, for its price, is one of the best out there. It has design similar to Samsung. The sleek outlook and the tough built makes it suitable for rough use.

    These abilities are packaged up under a restrictive innovation known as HyperAir. To be completely honest, these are standard things you will discover in any remote charger deserving at least some respect. Yet there’s something additional that HyperAir innovation does that makes it genuinely emerge: it is fit for recognizing your iPhone. That implies that when your iPhone is inside a base range, it begins to charge straight away. This is a great feature for IPhone users. This wireless charger is suitable for techies, and it has a competitive price of 15 USD.

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    Seneo Wireless Charger

    Seneo wireless charger

    Seneo is one of the apex brands in the charger industry. With having over 2 million users, it is no doubt that their products have grabbed attentions globally. The best feature of the wireless charger is how case friendly it is. It can charge your device no matter what casing it bears.

    A downside is that this charging stand isn’t made for any other phone brands on the market. You should either have an iPhone or a Samsung. It has very futuristic design. Given the price of only 15 USD, its definitely worth looking in to.

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    PLESON Fast Wireless Charger

    Pleson wireless charger

    The greatest distinction among Pleson and different brands is the charging rate. The Pleson comes in at an astounding greatest rate of 13.5-watts. That is up to 1.4 occasions quicker than comparably valued chargers available. I additionally preferred the “intelligent identification design”.

    The LED light turns green when the telephone is charging. It appears such a basic thing to design charging lights into these gadgets, however not every one of them do. You will likewise need to utilize either a QC 3.0 connector or the first connector that accompanies your Samsung telephone.

    It is one of the most price effective phone out there in the market. It costs about 17 USD.

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