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What are the hottest new apps on the App Store right now? These!

There are over a million and a half apps for iPhone and iPad and the number just keeps growing. Every day new and newly updated apps hit the App Store, and it’s impossible to keep up with all of them. Luckily, you don’t have to. All you have to do is bookmark this page and come back every day. When you do, we’ll have the best of the best new apps waiting for you!

Best new and updated apps

This week, put a unique touch on your photos with Palette Republic, read through your saved articles faster using Accelerator, and gain access to a large library of audiobooks through Hibooks.

  • Palette Republic – With Palette Republic, you can add color palettes to your photos. The app analyzes your photos, and will then place the color palette of the image in question directly on it, putting a unique touch on your photos. You can select from different palette styles, including square and circular. If you elect to pay for Palette Republic Pro, you’ll get access to more styles, including both current and future packs. You can sign up for Palette Republic Pro for $4.99 per month, $23.49 per year, or $29.99 if you want lifetime access for a one-time payment.
    Free – Download Now

  • Accelerator – Accelerator puts its focus on reading, hoping to help you read faster. The app presents you with one word at a time, moving to the next word at a speed that you can adjust based on your preferences. Specializing in articles from the web, Accelerator allows you to connect read-it-later services like Instapaper and Pocket, letting you blaze through the articles that you want to read. The app lets you save articles directly to Accelerator using the service’s bookmark, and with its latest app update, Accelerator now offers an action extension available in Safari, as well as any app that supports such extensions, letting you save web pages and documents from almost anywhere on your iPhone.
    $2.99 – Download Now

  • Hibooks – Get access to a large library of audiobooks with Hibooks. The service features over 50,000 audiobooks from best-selling authors, with the entire catalog at your fingertips for $9.99 per month. Get personal recommendations, check out the book of the day, and browse through Hibooks’ curated collections.
    Free – Download Now

  • Khan Academy Kids – As you’d expect from Khan Academy, this is an educational app, and as you might expect from the name, it’s aimed at kids. The app offers thousands of educational activities in which kids can participate. The activities in the app encompass a wide range of subjects and skills: reading, language, writing, math, social-emotional development, problem-solving, and motor development. Kids will play games, draw, tell stories, and more, with each learning path tailored to what your child needs.
    Free – Download Now

  • DailyFocus – If you want to improve your photography skills, get tips straight from professionals with these shot-form video courses that teach you about different basic and advanced principles of photography. A new video arrives for you every day, with inspiration, instructions, tips and tricks, and interviews. The app connects you to a community of photographers, offering up creative challenges to you all.
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Featured apps

To celebrate the Video Music Awards, check out Apple’s collection of apps for creating and exploring music and videos.

  • Auxy Studio – Auxy Studio gets a bunch of clutter out of your way in order to turn your musical ideas into finished tracks. The app features a full suite of digital instruments, beats, and other tools to help you make professional music on your iPhone or iPad. You can create mixes and loops using the intuitive loop editor, creating repeating beats to complete songs. The controls in the app let you tune everything just how you want to, and you can export your work to SoundCloud or as a MIDI file or even a video. Subscribe ($4.99 per month or $45.99 per year) to gain access to Auxy’s complete sound library with thousands of samples, with new content added to the library on a monthly basis.
    Free – Download Now

  • Magisto – Magisto is an A.I.-powered video editor that can help you create compelling videos that tell an interesting story. You’ll pick from its selection fo video templates based on color, theme, and subject, then get to work creating your masterpiece. The app pulls in video clips, photos, music, text, and effects in order to create your videos, intelligently bring these items together into a cohesive whole. When you’re finished, you can share everything using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social network. Free to use initially, you can sign up for Magisto’s Premium ($6.99 per month) or Professional ($29.99 per month) memberships, which offer features like longer videos, premium editing styles, and unlimited downloads.
    Free – Download Now

  • Triller – Another way to create and share high-quality music videos, Triller combines a video editor with a social network. You can capture moments directly with the app and use Triller’s library of hit songs. Create multiple takes that you can then incorporate into your edit. Add effects and filters, and even collaborate with other Triller users to create a combined project. When you’re done, share it with other Triller members or on Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks.
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