Best Samsung Galaxy J7 Cases (2018)

Best Samsung Galaxy J7 Cases (2018)

Best Samsung Galaxy J7 Cases (2018) is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

These are the best Samsung Galaxy J7 cases that will protect your phone and keep it looking nice and new. While Samsung’s Galaxy S9 gets most of the attention, the wallet-friendly Galaxy J7 (2018) is a great alternative at all major US carrier stores. If you bought one, you’ll want a case to keep it safe.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) cases come in a slew of different styles, colors, pricing and materials. Just make sure you get one for the 2018 model, and not last years Galaxy J7 Prime.

Best Samsung Galaxy J7 Cases (2018)

This is a budget phone but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great cases available. Our list details some cases as low as $7, which is better than paying $100+ to repair a broken phone. You can spend a little more on cases from a reputable brand, or something extremely durable with extra features like a kickstand.

Some of the top accessory makers often skip cheap budget phones. That said, Samsung’s Galaxy J7 is or will be available from most carriers in the United States. And while the names might differ a little, they all start with Galaxy J7. Like the T-Mobile Galaxy J7 Star, or the J7 V or J7 Refine. They’re all the same.

After deciding that the J7 is right for you and that you don’t need to spend $800 on a Galaxy S9, the first thing you’ll want is a case. Even a cheap $6 TPU case is better than nothing. Yes, the phone is durable, but a case will protect it from life’s daily hazards. These cases won’t fit the similar Galaxy J2 or the J3.

We have everything from thin clear cases, cheap options, to military-grade protection for the 2018 Samsung Galaxy J7 on all carriers. So, keep your phone safe and get one today from our slideshow below. We’ll update this list once more cases are available.