Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals 2019: What to expect from Ninty’s latest

    Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals tend to be the fastest-selling, and in the highest demand, so stay tuned for the cheapest ones

    It might still be a little while away, but making an early start on thinking about the upcoming Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals this November is never a bad idea. Getting a jump start on these deals is especially wise since we’ll likely be seeing three models on offer this year, including the original Nintendo Switch, the new Nintendo Switch model with its extended battery life, and the Nintendo Switch Lite. With more models on the market, we could be seeing more Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals than ever before. 

    Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals have been, in the past, a bit like gold dust. Amazon Lightning deals offering the best reductions sell out in seconds, but thankfully other retailers are much better at doing slightly less attractive deals, but with much more stock behind them. Retailers like Walmart, and Best Buy, alongside Amazon outside of lightning deals, will have a good selection of Nintendo Switch bundle deals, which should get you a console along with a game or two. Perhaps even a case if you’re really good. 

    But until the Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals kick off good and proper, here’s what’s likely to happen when it all starts…


    Black Friday as a single day, or even a weekend event, is really not a thing anymore. It’s sneaking earlier, and earlier, in the month of November, meaning the Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals will arrive in the weeks leading up to Black Friday itself. Technically, Black Friday is on November 29, and the deals should run until the end of Cyber Monday on December 2, but expect retailers to put deals live online as early as two weeks before then. 

    Over on GameStop US, the highlight of last year’s Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals was a nifty little bundle that basically got you free money. A neon Switch at the regular, but it also came with a $50 GameStop voucher, and a $35 Nintendo eShop voucher, effectively earning you $85 to spend on games for your brand new Switch. 

    Neon Nintendo Switch with $50 GameStop gift card and $35 eShop card for $299 at GameStopGrab this absurdly good deal while you can because it effectively reduces the cost of Nintendo’s latest console to its lowest price ever of $214.VIEW DEAL

    Plus, eBay UK had a glorious deal on the Neon Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda: Breath of the Wild for only £299. That’s the same as the usual RRP, but with two of the best Nintendo Switch games bundled in for free. Delicious.

    Neon Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda: Breath of the Wild for £299An amazing deal that gets you the neon Switch and two of the best games on the platform for under £300

    This year, you should also expect deals on the Nintendo Switch Lite – which comes in Yellow, Gray, or Turquoise, and there’s a special Pokemon Sword and Shield Limited Edition version too. 

    And, be aware, the original launch model of the Switch is still on sale at some retailers. If you can, try and get the newer version, which comes with an improved battery life of 4.5 – 9 hours compared to the original’s 2.5 – 6.5 hours, but you’re much more likely to get a Black Friday Nintendo Switch deal on the older model. You can quickly tell whether it’s an old or new Nintendo Switch model by the box. The new console comes packaged in an all-red box, while the original model has an image of a TV hovering in the background:


    Last year we saw Amazon knocking $50 / £30 off the standard RRP of the console, and even sometimes bundling in a game for around that price making for some of the best Nintendo Switch bundles of all time. We’d expect to see a similar range of deals available on the new Switch model, and probably slightly more off a 2018 model too. 

    When it comes to the Nintendo Switch Lite deals, we’d imagine that you could get a $20 – $30 / £15 – £25 – although, because the console will be mere months old, it could be that we don’t see many deals at all. After all, the console’s USP already is that it is much more affordable. 

    To help you get an idea of what a good deal is, here are the normal recommended retail price for each console and a bundle:

    • Nintendo Switch bundle RRP: $329 / £299
    • Nintendo Switch console only RRP: $299 / £279
    • Nintendo Switch Lite RRP: $199 / £199
    • Nintendo Switch Lite bundle RRP: $199 £199


    The best thing about Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals is that, even if you’re already the proud owner of Ninty’s latest console, it’s the perfect time of year to treat yourself to a few accessories or controllers – or even stock up on some Christmas gifts for your Ninty loving family and friends. Here’s what you should also look out for in terms of Black Friday deals:

    1. Joy-Cons

    Nabbing yourself a spare pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons is a useful investment. Not only do they come in a range of colours, letting you switch up your Switch’s look whenever – and wherever – you want, but having an extra pair means instant four-player Mario Kart sessions. And who doesn’t want that? But the problem is that they are an investment. These dinky pads cost $79.99 / £64.99 a pair, so you’re not going to splash the cash on them without thinking about it. You should be able to cut at least $10 / £10 off that RRP comes Black Friday, which is a good deal on these as they very rarely have any money off whatsoever. 

    2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    Sometimes you gotta go pro for your controller needs, and you can’t get much more professional than the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. If you’re looking to get this Nintendo Switch controller cheap, you will be rewarded by waiting until Black Friday, as it’s only here that we really see any money off the Pro Pad, which tends to stick very close to its $69.99 / £54.99 RRP. 

    3. Headsets

    Getting up close and personal with the Switch is the best way to play, so watch out for our pick of the best Nintendo Switch headset options cropping up over Black Friday. Because, after all, your ears deserve the best, right?

    4. Other accessories

    Whether it’s Nintendo Labo deals, offers on the best case for Nintendo Switch, offers on spare Nintendo Switch chargers, or just the full gamut of Nintendo Switch accessories, Black Friday will no doubt have you covered. We’ll be here though, trawling the various online retailers to make sure that we bring you the best of the best, so stay tuned.


    If you’re the kind of person who simply can’t wait for a great Black Friday Nintendo Switch deal, whatever the reason, you can find a few deals here and there all year around. So, here are the best deals available right now:

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