‘Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled’ Might Be Delayed On Nintendo Switch

    One of the biggest announcements to come out of The Game Awards earlier this month was the return of Crash Team Racing, with a new Nitro-Fueled release from Activision set for a release next summer. But there’s a slight chance that not all the consoles will be getting it at once.

    Even though the game was initially announced for a June release on all game systems, the Nintendo Switch version might be seeing a slight delay. This comes from a tweet from “retrogamer” Koretech, who pointed out that the game’s official website has changed the release date on Nintendo’s platform from June 21 to “coming soon.”View image on Twitter

    View image on Twitter

    Update on the CTR Switch “Coming Soon” release date : the website now displays the date from the PR. The “Coming Soon” was most likely for the preorders that have not been started yet on Switch
    CC @CrashyNews @TheWumpaGem

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    We did go over to the official Crash Team Racing game page, and upon looking up the Switch version, it does say “coming soon,” leaving the release date in question.

    We’ve reached out to Activision about this matter but haven’t heard back yet, so take this with a grain of salt. However, it is strange that the Switch version shows “coming soon” while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 edition continue to show a June 21, 2019 release date.

    As for why the game could be delayed, it’s hard to tell. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy made its way to Nintendo Switch a year after the PlayStation 4 edition released, but that was mainly due to its exclusivity window on Sony’s platform.

    Crash Team Racing was shooting for a simultaneous release on all platforms this time around; so unless Beenox, the game’s developer, ran into a technical setback, it’s hard to tell what the reason could be.0COMMENTS

    We’ll let you know if we hear back from Activision regarding what’s going on with the game.

    For the time being, we do know that the game is still bound for Nintendo Switch sometime next year. Meanwhile, Nitro-Fueled is still set to release on June 21, 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.Start the ConversatioFormer Telltale Games Lead Writer Joins ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ StudioBy TYLER FISCHER – December 16, 2018/

    the walking dead clem
    (Photo: Telltale Games)

    Mary Kenney, who was previously the lead writer at Telltale Games before its sudden closure earlier this year, has announced that she will be joining Insomniac Games, the studio most recently behind Marvel’s Spider-Man.

    The news comes way of Kenney’s personal Twitter account and via the following tweet:

    I am over-the-moon thrilled to tell y’all that I’m joining @insomniacgames in the New Year

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    Welcome aboard!!!

    I am over-the-moon thrilled to tell y’all that I’m joining @insomniacgames in the New Year

    31 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

    Kenney doesn’t specify what her role will be at the California-based studio, but it will presumably be in some type of role similar to what she took up at Telltale Games.

    Kenney’s credits include Sunburned Games’ The Great Whale RoadBatman: The Enemy Within, and The Walking Dead: The Final Season. More specifically, Kenney served as the lead writer on The Walking Dead: The Final Season — Episode 2: Suffer the Children. On each additional episode she is simply credited as a writer.

    Meanwhile, for Batman: The Enemy Within, Kenney provided writing for Episodes 1 and 3, TheEnigma and Fractured Mask. For The Great Whale Road, Kenney was the main campaign writer for both The Danes and The Frisians campaigns, and provided writing for side quests in The Franks campaign.0COMMENTS

    I’ve never considered Insomniac Games the gold standard when it comes to writing and narrative in games. They’ve also seemed to excel in zany and thrilling gameplay. However, Marvel’s Spider-Man had one of the best narratives and some of the best writing in 2018, despite sometimes being held back by the source material. This coupled with it bringing on new talented writers has me excited to see what the studio will bring next. Are we seeing Insomniac Games evolve into a narrative first studio? Probably not. But I’m excited to see it adapting and growing.

    As for what Insomniac Games has coming next, it hasn’t really revealed anything. Its VR game Stormland is due in 2019, but that’s all we know about the studio’s pipeline. There’s certainly much more — such as a follow-up to Marvel’s Spider-Man — but it hasn’t revealed anything at the moment of publishing this.

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