Dogpile Search Engine Review

    ‘Go Fetch!’ with this search engine

    Dogpile is a metasearch engine that gets its results from multiple search engines before presenting the information to you. According to Dogpile, their technology provides better results than other search engines, giving you more access to the web.

    The Dogpile search function itself is really easy to use, and the site provides a few customizations if you want them. All you have to do to use Dogpile is enter a search term and then hit the Go Fetch! button.

    What We Like

    • It’s really easy to delete recent search history records.
    • Includes a second search box at the bottom of each results page.
    • Doesn’t include ads for the image, video, news, or shopping searches.
    • Provides several suggested search phrases next to the results.

    What We Don’t Like

    • Shows lots of ads when using the Dogpile web search.
    • Provides only a few preferences that you can edit.
    • Basically zero sorting or filtering options.
    • No documentation on advanced search options.

    How Does Dogpile Work?

    The Dogpile search engine gets its results from other search engines like Google and Yahoo. It combines the results from those other sites, chooses what’s most relevant based on your search, and then gives you the appropriate results.

    Dogpile explains that their search engine is a time-saver—it removes duplicates from the results page and completely eliminates your need to cross-reference your searches across multiple search engines.

    Dogpile Meaning

    The name Dogpile comes from the term dogpile as its used in rugby. While players can pile on top of one another to form a group of mixed people, the Dogpile search engine compiles search results from multiple search engines to create a single list of results.

    How to Run a Dogpile Search

    There are five search types that you can run on Dogpile, all of which are accessible from the home page and at the top of every results page.

    1. Visit and select one of these search types:
      • web to search for web pages
      • images to run a Dogpile image search
      • videos to find videos from video streaming sites like YouTube and news sites
      • news to find updated news articles
      • shopping to find products you can buy
    2. Type the search term. If you wait a moment after typing, you’ll see suggested related search terms.
    3. Press Go Fetch! to search Dogpile.

    Dogpile Preferences

    There are a few settings you can customize at Dogpile to adjust how the search behaves. Select Preferences at the top of any results page to access the preferences page.

    Dogpile search preferences


    The Dogpile search engine can be customized to block explicit sites such as porn, or you can disable Search Filter to show all results.

    Select None to disable the Dogpile Search Filter feature. Moderate blocks explicit results from the Dogpile image search and video search pages, but not when running web searches (from the web tab). Choosing the Heavy Search Filter option in Dogpile’s settings is the strictest option that will block as much explicit material as possible from all search types.


    There isn’t a Dogpile private search feature, but you can prevent recent Dogpile searches from showing up. Select Recent Searches Off to do that.

    Another option is to clear the list of recent Dogpile searches yourself. Just choose Clear from the left panel during a search. How to Browse the Web Anonymously to Hide Your Identity


    This one is pretty self-explanatory, too: when checked, this option will force all links you click from a Dogpile search to open in a new tab in your browser. This is the default option, but it’s uncommon for a search engine, so you might uncheck this option if you’re used to having results open in the same tab.

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