Everything You Need To Know About ‘GTA Online: After Hours’

    It’s never been entirely fair to say that GTA 5 never got story DLC. True, it never got single-player DLC:

    the story of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin came to a definitive end that Rockstar Games never picked up again. And yet there’s been plenty of stories, just not in that traditional sense:

    as GTA Online has gone from strange experiment to world-conquering revenue juggernaut, Rockstar has found a ton of ways to infuse narrative into the multiplayer experience.

    And there might be no better example of that than seeing the main(ish) character from one of GTA 4’ssingle-player expansions show back up in a big update for GTA Online.

    Gay Tony is here to take us through the big After Hours update, and we can see him in this trailer below:

    As you might guess, the big update here is the ability to own a nightclub, seemingly run by Gay Tony. The nightclub serves as both an opportunity to roleplay as Cottonmouth from Luke Cage without the ignominious end as well as a base of operations for all of your other criminal enterprises–there’s also a giant garage in there for storing cars.

    Entertaining your patrons will be real-world acts like Solomun, Tale Of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna and possibly others. Those real celebrities are all face-scanned and motion capped, so it’s them in the game, alright.

    There are a few other clues about what we’ll be doing there in the trailer: it appears that there will be some sort of outdoor rave in the mix as well and that the process of getting a DJ might well involve fistfights and exploding planes. Shocking, I know.

    I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about what’s actually in it in the coming days, but for now, it appears to indulge a kind of gameplay I always like in long-running games: that of building a big virtual space full of little virtual people that do their little virtual things.

    It’s like a less violent version of The Sims 4. Or at least the way I have, at times, played The Sims 4. 


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