Facebook Introduces User Retention Optimization for App Install Ads

    Facebook has introduced new ways for mobile app advertisers to target users who are most likely to stay engaged.

    User retention optimization can now be used in conjunction with app install ad campaigns.

    Advertisers will have the option to optimize for returns on day 2 or day 7 after installing an app in order to find users who are likely to keep using it.

    Facebook cites a 2017 study which says only 10-12% of app users stay active 7 days after downloading an app, and only 4-5% stay active after 30 days.

    That makes user retention a top priority for app developers.

    Apps that have been testing Facebook’s user retention optimization are already seeing results, the company says.

    In addition to more engaged users, a representative for the Starz app reports an approximate 42% reduction in cost per day-2 retention compared to install optimization.

    New User Retention Metrics in Ads Manager

    Advertisers can measure the retention performance of app install ad campaigns with four new metrics in Ads Manager.

    The new metrics allow advertisers to measure the number of users who opened the app after installing, as well as the cost per retention.

    Retention optimization and the new retention metrics in Ads Manager are now available worldwide to all advertisers.

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