Five Great Indie Games to Look Out for in 2021

    As someone always looking for new indie games to play around with, I have cherry picked five games that look very interesting and are coming to Steam this year! 

    Gem Wizards Tactics

    Gem Wizard Tactics is a turn-based strategy game (with asymmetrical touches) where you pick a faction and use your unique abilities to fight against other factions. There is also the option to actually get team members from other factions to join yours, adapting your playing style even further. The magic that you have can change the world, adding rivers into the randomly-generated maps, freezing them over, lighting areas on fire, and more. It seems like a very well-made game, especially for those who like a new kind of strategy.

    You can add Gem Wizards Tactics to your Wishlist on Steam.

    In My Shadow

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    In My Shadow has you playing as Bella, a young woman that has had a fallout with her family many years ago. Her father has reached out, but she now has trouble re-connecting. Her childhood memories continue to haunt her as shadows on the wall of her home, and you need to watch these shadows and use them to solve a bunch of unique puzzles that will slowly allow Bella to let go of her past and be able to actually connect with her father and move beyond her troubled childhood.

    You can add In My Shadow to your Wishlist on Steam.


    AK-xolotl is an arcade shooter where you play as an axolotl with an AK, defending your pond from enemy invaders. There are a bunch of different weapons, each with stat roles and rare variants, as well as a variety of enemies, maps, and more to create a chaotic world. Fighting the massive amounts of invaders, deadly predators, and mice with their own weapons will take quite a bit of determination, but you can also play co-op, to have a bit of help from your friends.

    You can add AK-xolotl to your Wishlist on Steam.


    Hoplegs is a wacky platfromer where you play as a moving box that has four legs, each leg sticking out of the side. One of the four buttons on your gamepad actually controls one of your four strange legs, so you need to jump, crouch, interact, and change weapons through your legs. This strange way of controlling various legs and weapons is quite a fun challenge as you hop your way up platforms, making it further in the game. I enjoy the wackiness that comes from this sort of game. If playing through levels isn’t enough for you, there is also a level design area that can be used within the game to create your own challenges.

    You can add Hoplegs to your Wishlist on Steam.


    indie game

    Shindig is a cute hand-drawn indie game where you become a low-key hero. You are looking to help the inhabitants of a small island, many of whom are currently having a hard time. To help them, you’ll be creating a nice gathering between all of the animal and human friends in this place! This party needs to be full of happiness, which I think that everyone, no matter who they are, would enjoy. I feel that this world, just from the looks of things, is quite beautiful and fun in its own way. There is only one ending to this story, and it’s a good ending, so it’s just up to you what journey you take to get to it. 

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