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    Getting the right font for the project might be tough and challenging but today I will be sharing with you about Font Generator The Definitive Guide To type Font’s and using fonts will become a child’s play

    What is a font generator?

    When you hear of font generators, It’s a combination of several computer strategies that are used to convert an outline character of diverse formats into either a bitmap, SVG, or Web-safe font that utilizes the “@font-face” rule of the CSS3 specification. A font generator creates fonts, to be used in websites or social media. 

    To break down the meaning of what font is, it’s an act of making your words or sentences look fancier. 

    Have you ever come across words on social media, or websites, written in attractive ways, and you find out that your keywords can’t do such? 

    Yeah! That’s a font, an example is. 

    • ǝnbıun ɯɐ I
    • ♝🎅  𝐆Ø𝐃 Įˢ ģᖇ𝓔Ⓐ𝓣  👑♝
    • 🎀🍬  𝒾 ⓐм คl𝕚ᐯ𝕖  🏆?

    Do you find the above fonts easy to read? They look fancy right? Those are fonts.

    The first one reads, “I am unique” the second one reads, “God is great” while the third Is “I am alive” i

    Those are fonts, will you like to learn how to create some? If yes, I shall put you through how to create awesome fonts, which you can use on your favorite social media, which includes, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram um, etc. 

    Also, fonts are being used by website owners, to beautify their website, and to add more writing options to their writings. 

    Before the H1,2,3,… Headings and subheadings were being integrated into the notepads we made use of, website owners make use of fonts, to specify headings and subheadings in their write-up. 

    However, learning how to use fonts can be quite confusing, because we have varieties of fonts, and you may be baffled about how and when to use them. If you intend to use fonts to design your website, their usage may be quite confusing for you.  I shall be explaining four different types of fonts for you, and their usage shall be well analyzed, do read along.

    How To Use Fonts Effectively 

    Learning the usage of fonts can be quite challenging, how to pair them together can be a hard nut to crack. Graphics designers make use of different rules, before using fonts for designing. 

    Furthermore, when fonts are being used with purpose, they can be used to make your text and sentence look flawless and outstanding. Learning the usage of fonts will go a long way enhancing the uniqueness of your writings. 

    If you are a beginner and a learner in fonts, and you love to enhance your fonts knowledge, kindly get ready, as some powerful tips will be released to enhance your knowledge. 

    • Use Fonts To Create Hierarchy. 

    Fonts can be used to create hierarchy, it gives your writings or works more eye-catching effects when being compared to others. On the norms, eyes are being attracted to larger words with an attractive style. Use fonts to create superiority now. 

    • Use Contrasting Fonts. 

    Use fonts with high contrast, and make sure it has striking titles and subtitles. The endeavor creates enough catching effects. 

    • Create Readability 

    Readability counts a lot when it comes to the usage of fonts. Avoid uppercase and extra-large letters when writing a long text. 

    The above image made use of serifs and san serifs, to create powerful designs and the words were easy to read.  

    • Be Creative 

    Learn to be creative when using fonts, try and mix things up, come from different angles to give your design a unique look. Change shape and contrast, till you achieve a unique design. 

    • Use Fonts That Suits Your Style

    Be creative, a good font is a result of mixing things up. Do not give up until you create the desired result. 

    I could cast my mind back to when I started learning how to use fonts, it was quite challenging, there is nothing good I could try to make within my first two weeks of learning. 

    I so much trusted in myself that I could do it. Seeing others creating beautiful designs with fonts gives me sleepless nights. 

    Comparing different shapes and sizes, the weights and usage were quite a hard nut for me to crack. 

    My first success in learning how to create fonts began when I started watching YouTube videos on font creation to create a sharp image. 

    However, my first trial was quite a surprise to me, because I didn’t know it could be that perfect, seeing it as perfect as It is, gave me the motivation that I could do it. 

    I started learning how to do more with more YouTube videos and research, till I become more perfect. 

    One thing you can learn is this, you can’t be perfect with font creation in a day. Several attempts will make you perfect, as we all know, practice is what makes perfection. 

    Do not give up on any mistake you make, rather learn from it.  

    If you want to use fonts for web designing, I shall be giving you four major types of fonts that can give your website/blog the most sparking look you desire, clueless about where to start? I will give you a little typography guidance so you can design a website that perfectly conveys the mood you’re going. 

    Four Common Font Types and When to Use Them 

    • Serif

    Serif fonts will give your website an attractive and professional look if being utilized well. These fonts are identifiable by the little lashes that extend from the stroke of each letter, to give a website a more sophisticated look. 

    Serif fonts are quite suitable for any kind of situation, ranging from body text, enlargement of text, headers, short or long copy, however,  it’s not advisable to use serif fonts in all sizes. 

    • Old styles: Tracing back to the 1400s, these fonts, are bing mark and characterized by low lines 
    • Transitional: Transitional serifs, breaks the boundary between the olden serifs, and the present one being used now. Now serifs are more contrast and stylistic 
    • Didone: Didone is the presently used serif fonts, which are commonly used in print pieces. They have more attractive styles and more functionality. 
    • Slab Serif: These serifs are wide and bold, with an elegant structure. They can catch the attention of viewers/ readers instantly. You will love to try it out. 
    • Sans Serif 
    Sans Serif 

    Right from when Sans serif has been made, it has always been rejected by people and serif fonts were always highly favored above it. But due to the absence of strokes, it has on each letter, which made it bold, it’s now being used to represent efficiency, modernity, and simplicity. 

    Sans serif, does not possess stroke at the end of their letters, this made them bold and highly visible on screens, and we perfect for small sizes. Recommended to use, when modernity is needed. 

    • Grotesque: These were the early set of sans serif being made, they come with a square shape, they are simple and bold. 
    • Neo-Grotesque: These fonts have a striking resemblance with the early serifs and their stylistic usage is quite minimal. 
    • Geometric: These fonts come with diverse shapes, which range from squares, circles, triangles. But their visibility on screen is quite minimal. 
    • Humanist: These fonts were inspired by calligraphy, and old serifs. They are kind of being unique and they provide varieties of width. 



    These fonts are unique and are perfect for short quotes, headers, and logos. 

    However, script fonts aren’t made for legibility, they shouldn’t be used to write a long passage, if perhaps it is fit to be used, it shouldn’t be longer than 2 passages. 

    Furthermore, due to their unique and distinctive nature, these fonts are hard to classify due to its unique and distinctive nature, but we shall classify them based on their characteristics. 

    • Formal: These fonts were being made based on handwriting inspirations. They are bold and legible and are stylistic. 
    • Casual scripts: These fonts are less formal, but they create an attractive look. They are likened to modern handwriting. 

    Decorative/ Display 

    This is the last type we shall be talking about, under the type of fonts that can be used to give your website an attractive look. It’s a bit hard to pin down. 

    It’s one of the most classy types of fonts, it’s fancy, eye-catching, etc. 

    If you are adventurous, and you want to create something extraordinary then using this type of fonts is the perfect option for you. 

    Display/decorative fonts are greatly optimized for users’ usage, you can use them anywhere, both in the headers, body text, passage, etc. 

    The above-mentioned type of fonts can give your blog the perfect eye-catching look you ever want it to have. 

    However, there will be a need for you to study the usage of these fonts very well, so you won’t misuse them, it should be used appropriately, the one that should be used for headers, shouldn’t be used for body text. 

    Now that you have learned the usage of fonts, gradually start practicing them now till you become perfect with them. 

    Furthermore, fonts are meant for a variety of purposes, ranging from creating beautiful designs, web designs. Fonts also play a very vital role in social media.

    6 Great Fonts For Social Media Post 

    Understanding this point, when it comes to visual branding, many seem to misunderstand one important thing. There is a great impact your wordings have on your audience, the attractive look they give, and their arrangements. 

    Many think the era of using fonts to catch the attention of the audience is gone, it’s not gone at all. If you know the right way to use your fonts, you will find massive engagement on your post. 

    However, learning how to combine them is quite important, many will want to use fonts, and end up creating boring sets of fonts that will piss off readers. If your content has valuable messages to pass across but it looks archaic, you wouldn’t probably expect many to read it. 

    This is why it’s of high necessity you pay attention to this article, as I shall be explaining in detail some great fonts that will do wonders with your social media post.

    Furthermore, there is another mistake many make. You need to understand that fewer fonts do wonders and look attractive on social media posts. You might have the right pair, you might have 8 attractive fonts that you want to use for your social media post. But I can assure you that the post won’t be okay in any way. 

    You need to realize that 2 or 3 fonts are okay for social media posts. Anything more than, 3 fonts is definitely out of the line for social media posts. 

    Getting the right font combination, I’d like an entire topic to which you need to dedicate your time.

    You need to understand the basis

    As we’ve explained earlier, there are four different types of fonts. 

    • Serif: Made for professional usage
    • San serif: To give your writings an attractive look 
    • Script: This is a combination of Serif and San serif 
    • Display/Decorative: This should not be in any use for social media post

    Knowing how to use them, and how to identify them is something that may take them. Taking at the picture above, serif and sans serif have some striking looks. 

    You may need to look them up on YouTube or check several related pictures, to know much more about their differences. 

    Kindly let’s proceed with our learning, remember the key! Constant practice. 

    Now that this is well understood, let’s go back to our previous post, about 12 fonts that are great for social media posts. 

    • Monster 

    If you are clueless about which to choose about serif and San serif, then going for Montserrat will be the best option for you. 

    Furthermore, Montserrat comes with a great user experience, that can be used to create attractive writings. It’s bold, attractive, highly visible, and eye-catching.

    As you can see in the above text, it’s a world of uniqueness and makes the test attractive and sharp. 

    It’s highly recommended to use this for your social media posts. 

    • Novecento 

    This has become greatly popular for web designing. Many web designers make use of Novecento to give their website a very sharp and attractive look. 

    If you will love to give your blog/ website an attractive look, then going today will be the right option for you.

    You can see how sharp the above image is. That’s Novecento fonts. 

    • Helvetica 

    Many regard Helvetica as the queen of fonts due to its attractive nature. Many designers around the world, make use of Helvetica to create a powerful design, this can greatly be optimized in your social media post. 

    • PT Sans

    You may think every serif looks the same, but it’s pretty not, they are quite different. This is another sharpening font, you can optimize for your social media post.

    • Playfair Display 

    When I understand what font is, I do find most of the fonts boring for social media posts. If you are in my shoes, going to Playfair Display for your social media post will make you happy. 

    However, many font users, do not like using serifs for their social media posts, but I can tell you, that this is quite different. 

    • GT Waldheim

    This is for social media lovers, who have high love for Geometric shapes. 

    If you are a lover of diverse shapes, then going for Geometric fonts, will suit your desire for social media posts. 

    Yeah. Fonts can be an amazing way to elevate your writing abilities. 

    Using fonts will place your works above others, it creates uniqueness for you. It shows you know something different from others, it will make others stare at your work in admiration. 

    However, I would like to emphasize that, you do not use fonts, just for their usage purpose, learn different things you can use them to do. 

    Many use fonts for website designing, many use it for beautification purposes in their drawing, while many use it to enhance their career as a writer. 

    You may wonder, how fonts will help your career as a writer. Yes, it does in diverse ways. Forget about the quality content you have. Have you ever wondered why others who do not write quality content as you do, get more audience than you? It’s due to the attractive style their writings have. 

    It is one thing to have the knowledge of writing or have a significant message to pass across, and it’s another thing to know the right way to format the writing to catch the attention of the audience. 

    Many use fonts to design their web. Yeah, using fonts, to design your web, will give it a sparkling look, if you know how to optimize it well. 

    Many of the present web designers make use of fonts, they do not bother themselves, looking for ready-made designs to give a website an attractive look. They just bring out their knowledge of fonts, to bring the website into a beautiful and sparkling effect. 

    Many graphic designers make use of fonts to enhance their work.

    However, using fonts to create a graphic design will require some professional training. 

    Many of those who use fonts to create graphic images, had probably spent lots of time studying how to utilize them well.

    Furthermore, using fonts to create graphic images, will require that you know some rules on how to use them. It has rules, which shall play a vital role, in determining their combination, when, and how to use them. 

    Also, fonts are somehow broad, and in stages, if you are starting new, it will be required of you, that you take your time to learn from others. 

    Go to YouTube to search for how to use fonts, learn when and how to use them. 

    Extensively, as I said earlier, fonts are meant for a variety of purposes, the fonts being used for graphic designs are quite the same as the ones being used for social media posts, but can you guess their differences? It’s their combination and usage. 

    When using fonts for social media posts, endeavor, you do not use more than three, so that your post won’t look crappy. 

    Many have used the knowledge of fonts to get themselves massive engagement on their social media post. Bear in mind, that when an attractive font is being used it will catch the attention of viewers. 

    Also, many smart bloggers have been using fonts to keep their readers read through, and to also compel them to read to the end. 

    As a blogger or writer, you should introduce diversities into your work. If you are the type that writes long content, you should probably know people won’t want to read long content, without something being able to compel them to continue reading. 

    So if you are using an attractive style to write your content, you should be sure your readers or audience will read through it.

    Also, deepening the knowledge of fonts is not only limited to social media posts, and graphic designs. It can also be used on printed materials. 

    Furthermore, if you are a publisher, introducing fonts into your printed materials will go a long way in boosting your sales. 

    Make an attractive style on your write up now to catch the attention of your audience. 

    I remember one of my old-time friends, we both attended the same secondary school, who loves to be a social media influencer, he noticed no matter how he posts on social media it always gets less engagement. 

    The way others post and always get high engagement, became a concern for him. Then he decided to be on the search on how to boost his social media engagement. 

    He came across several blog posts, which majorly emphasizes him to share his post with other groups, and write something catchy, yet all these things didn’t work. 

    After a while, he was being advised by a friend, to use fonts in his writings, this worked like magic, and gradually, there came an improvement. 

    Furthermore, we shall also be examining how to use text generators for social media. 

    Font generator for Instagram 

    Font generator for Instagram, I’ll give your Instagram post the perfect sparkling look it could have. Go via this link to convert your text now.

    Font Generator for WhatsApp 

    Will you like to create an awesome piece of fonts for your WhatsApp? Surprise your friends with exclusive chattings, get that done on this link

    Font Generator Calligraphy

    Create some awesome calligraphy. 

    Font Generator Tattoo

    Create some awesome piece of tattoos to spice up your day

    Text to fonts generator 

    Converts your texts directly to fonts

    There is lots of pleasure when you convert your text to fonts, it will make your friends and peers clueless about how you got it done. 

    Fonts give better performance users experience, I’m sure you would find this new journey of learning fonts very adventurous. 

    However, if you have been using fonts before, let’s know your experience so far with it, has it impacted you positively? 

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