Fortnite for Android demoed on a Galaxy S9 ahead of Galaxy Note 9 launch


Fortnite for Android is expected to launch alongside the Galaxy Note 9 as an exclusive for Samsung’s new flagship, with the game’s developer (Epic Games) going to great lengths to make sure the game doesn’t run if it doesn’t pass checks that confirm the device being used is a Galaxy Note 9. The folks over at XDA Developers, however, have been able to get around those checks and have managed to try the game out on a Galaxy S9+.

Fortnite for Android demoed on a Galaxy S9+

The game seems to run without issues at the highest quality settings. That shouldn’t be surprising thanks to the not-so-intensive graphics and the phone’s high-end processor. It was also able to run on a Pixel 2 XL and an Essential Phone, but rooted devices are a no go. That’s also unsurprising because Fortnite is a multiplayer title and cannot allow cheating and other hacks, which rooting makes possible. Word has it that the game could be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 for up to three months, with Samsung offering free in-game credits as part of its many pre-order Note 9 promotions.

And while the Note devices are supposed to be all about creativity and productivity, Samsung seems to have taken a lot of effort to gain exclusivity to Fortnite. Once that exclusivity ends, owners of other Android devices will have to download Fortnite for Android for free from its official website to start playing. Because of the 30 percent cut Google commands for all apps and games on the Play Store for in-app purchases, Epic Games will not be putting the game up on Android’s official app store.

Check out the gameplay video and let us know what you think of the Note 9’s exclusive rights over Fortnite.

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