From Digital to Physical: 5 Ways to Display Photos in Your Home

From Digital to Physical: 5 Ways to Display Photos in Your Home

A picture is worth a thousand words. But did you know that the way you display your photos can leave more of an impression?

collage apps free make a house feel like a home but finding new and creative ways to display them can be difficult. Don’t get us wrong, the traditional frame on a wall or desk has worked for centuries. But there are more modern ways to display photos.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of five ways to display photos in your home.

Keep reading to find your perfect photo display instead of spending days on Pinterest.

1. Cover a Wall

Gallery walls are perfect for displaying your photos. Use it to showcase your family photos, like a timeline of your family’s history. You can create a monogram look with black and white pictures, all set in the same size frames.

Or create a photo collage with frames that vary in shape, color, and size. It will take any room to the next level.

2. Go Outside the Frame

No law says photos have to hang on the wall or sit on a desk. Try standing frames to display photos and break from tradition. Standing mounts make a statement and are cheaper than traditional rectangular frames.

You can also opt for the frameless route. Try print hangers or acrylic face mounts for a more sleek design. Plus, they are super easy to hang!

You can even find frames that cycle through photos like a slideshow. They work well with digital photos.

3. Make It an Art Galla

Give your photo display an artistic feel by printing your photos on canvas. A canvas has its own structure and texture, so you won’t need to worry about a frame. Using a large canvas or a custom piece makes for an eye-opening centerpiece.

Canvases are also great to display a photo collage. There are a variety of collage apps free to use that allow you to experiment with what you want.

4. Make Them Tangible

Every day, household objects make for great creative photo displays. Turn your cutest Instagram moments into magnets you can use on a refrigerator. A flipbook is another fun way to display memories.

Turn the ordinary, stationary photo display into an interactive trip to the past.

5. Go For the Unexpected

When deciding on where to display photos in your home, get creative. Put them at the head of your bed, going up a staircase, or in a hallway. The unexpected display area will leave guests buzzing about it for days.

It’s a sure way to add spice to your space! You can set a slideshow on your desktop or TV when it’s sitting idle for digital photos.

There Are Plenty of Ways to Display Photos in Your Home

Make your memories fun and interactive by creating unique ways to display photos in your home. You can add value and make a statement by breaking away from tradition or turning a space into an art gallery.

For more information and ideas on how to spruce up your home, keep tabs on our blog!

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