Google Ads Makes it Easier to Review a Campaign’s Change History

    An update to Google Ads will make it easier to determine how campaign changes impact ad performance.

    Going forward, advertisers will be able to view campaign changes annotated in their performance charts.

    Google Ads Makes it Easier to Review a Campaign’s Change History

    Previously, it wasn’t as easy to review change history alongside reporting data.

    Now, with the data being shown on one screen, advertisers can better understand the impact of specific changes on their campaign performance.

    “For example, let’s say you notice a drop in conversions for one of your active campaigns. With the change history report, you can now hover over the markers in the performance chart to get more details about the changes you’ve made over a defined period.”

    Advertisers can click on links in the hover cards to filter the change history tables and reveal additional information.

    Under the performance chart, Google Ads will now highlight changes to the audience list, optimization goal, and assets (only for App campaigns). This is designed to help advertisers quickly identify the type of change they need to investigate.

    Further Help With Analyzing Google Ads Performance Changes

    Two months ago, Google Ads introduced another useful feature to help advertisers with diagnosing changes in campaign performance.

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    A new “See Explanations” button now appears whenever there’s a significant change in performance from one period of time to another.

    After clicking on the button – which will appear for changes in impressions, clicks, and cost – Google Ads will provide the most likely reasons behind why the changes occurred.

    Google Ads Makes it Easier to Review a Campaign’s Change History


    Source: Google Ads

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