Google app gains direct Dictionary home screen shortcut

    Google Search has a number of built-in tools, especially on Android. Defining words is a common task for the engine, and the Android client now has a direct Google Dictionary shortcut.

    Over the past few days, looking up a definition or entering “dictionary” into Google Search has slid up the following panel:

    Add a dictionary shortcut to your Home screen for instant access

    Like Google Weather, this generates an app shortcut that takes users directly to the Dictionary tool. The home screen icon is of a physical dictionary in the four Google colors and it’s marked by the Google app icon in the bottom-right corner.

    The general pill-shaped search bar is docked, with a second field that just queries definitions underneath. A carousel of “Words you’ve searched” is below, with the full lookup interface also showing a history. The full definition card is automatically expanded and displayed in full, thus obviating the need for users to tap “Translations and more definitions.”

    It’s a nice shortcut to have and saves you from having to append “define” or “definition” to a query, but Google Search usually does a good job of displaying the dictionary card.

    The Google Dictionary shortcut is live on several devices we checked running the latest Google app beta.

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