Google Might Be Reportedly Working On Home Console

    There have reportedly been rumored going around about an apparent partnership between Google and Sega that might ultimately end up in a next-generation home console. At this point, there is no concrete evidence of this development but we currently we do know Google does plan on advancing into the gaming industry with its very own streaming service.

    In addition to this, there is also a reported patent for their very own console controller working its way around the internet although there are no credible sources validating that the images are legit.

    The controller patent has many speculating that Google has plans to reveal something big soon. And that there is a possibility that it’s gaming hardware related. If it turns out that there is truth to these rumors then the next question is when can we expect to get a reveal or at least a confirmation that the project does exist and is in the works.

    Well, good news for fans that the 2019 Game Developers Conference is just under a week away and on March 19th Google will be giving a presentation in regards to their future within the video game industry.
    Many believe that the upcoming presentation will be primarily focused on it’s Project Stream Platform which will allow players to stream games directly to their Chrome browser. Google recently partnered with Ubisoft and let players try out Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on the platform where it received positives feedback.

    Even though Project Stream could be the focus of Googles GDC 2019 Presentation it’s also plausible that if the company did have any hardware in the works that they could reveal it there. Whether these rumors are true or not it seems like Google does have something to show us and we don’t have long to find out what it is.

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