Google Shows Which Search Queries are Used to Find a Google My Business

An update to Google My Business will now show which search queries are used to find a business listing.

This data appears in the Insights tab, which tracks the most common terms and search trends for a particular business.

Google My Business


Interested in how customers find your business? Now you can view what queries customers are using in your Insights tab! Learn more: 

Googles note that it will not track every single term used to find a business listing, only the terms that are used most often.

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“Search queries focus on the terms that your customers used to find your business on Local Search and Maps.”

Users can view search queries used within the last 7 and 28 days.

Google intends to roll this out to all users, however, it is not quite there yet. Some are able to see search queries data in the Insights tab while others are not.

The company is working on getting this feature out to everyone, and will alert users when it’s fully rolled out.