Google’s New Partner Program Requirements Show No Love for Agencies & This Week’s News [PODCAST]

    Join Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld for Marketing O’Clock. We’re breaking down these digital marketing news stories:

    Google’s new Partner requirements

    On this week’s episode of Rant O’Clock, Google is making Partners jump through hoops if they want to retain their badges.

    Spend requirements doubled, new certifications are required, and Google will consider campaign optimization scores when determining Partner status.

    Active advertisers on Pinterest doubled in 2019

    Pinterest’s Q4 2019 performance data is here and it’s very impressive. They saw more users, more features, and more user adoption of those features, meaning more opportunity for advertisers.

    Google search update was non-core

    Danny Sullivan confirms there was an update to Google Search last week, but that it was a non-core update. Some members of the search community are still reeling from the aftereffects.

    Microsoft Advertising has a new feature IF you want to customize text ads

    Learn how to use Microsoft’s new IF function to customize your ads based on user device or audience.

    Say goodbye to ISP and Network Service Provider data in Google Analytics

    Google Analytics no longer supports ISP and Network Service Provider data dimensions. Jess tells you how this change will affect reports and filters in GA.

    Then, In our take of the week segment, we’re hosting a take-off of fiery tweets about the new Google Partner requirements.

    Melissa Mackey@Mel66

    The recommendations are complete garbage most of the time. “Spend more” is the most common one, along with “use our bid automation”. Stupid when we use third party bid mgmt


    Exactly. No way am I going to using Target Impression Share which is code for “spend all my money to get the most impressions regardless of conversions”

    See Rachel’s other Tweets

    We’ll answer all these marketing questions during our lightning round segment:

    • Who found two handy new Google Merchant Center reports this week?
    • What Google Ads reports now include change history information?
    • When is IGTV monetization coming to Instagram?
    • Where should you go for Valentine’s Day dinner, according to Yelp showcase ads?
    • Why are some Google Posts being rejected?
    • How can you improve your local ranking on Google?

    Plus, we play Margo Polo as we discuss a movie title change in the name of SEO.

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