Gutenberg the Biggest shift in WordPress History Over a Decade: See why

How to Update Your Old WordPress Posts with Gutenberg Block Editor

WordPress is about to change in a very big way, after many months of development and testing, the platform is ready to make one of the biggest shift in its history.


Gutenberg the Biggest shift in WordPress History Over a Decade: See why


This shift might frustrate a lot of people but at the same time can make building a website a lot easier and it’s called Gutenberg.

What is Gutenberg?

Originally to create a WordPress website and turn it into something that a brand could use required you to hire a developer and a designer or to have some knowledge of code.

You need to create a theme or buy one from a site like Evanto and customize it and in most cases as a client, to customize further would often involve getting a developer’s help which opens the door to page builders.

A type of Plugin that could make putting together a website an experience that is more visual.

A product like Visual composer and Elementor have made whole businesses out of making WordPress site more easily customizable.


Gutenberg the Biggest shift in WordPress History Over a Decade: See why
Visual Composer 
Gutenberg the Biggest shift in WordPress History Over a Decade: See why








They make customizing a website web page visually more interactive and can allow you in some cases create a whole website using nothing but drag and drop functionality.

Page builders provide you with what we called blocks in the site menu and each block represents a type of content be it text, photos, videos etc.

You drag a choosing block into the canvas area and you can customize the look and it’s functionality, you can combine blocks and even go further by saving it as a template to ensure continuity, or if you want you can make each block completely different with their own styled functionality which is up to you.

Page builders make this process really easy for context to achieve the same thing using the Classic WordPress editor would require some developing knowledge of some complex shortcode and even then involve a little trial and error to ensure that it appears on the final webpage the way you imagine it.

Page builders like Visual composer and Elementor allow you to see the result of the changes you’re making live as you’re making it, as a result, page builder plugins for million WordPress website around the world have become a must-have.


Which brings us to Gutenberg:

That major update to WordPress will see the introduction to the Gutenberg editor it will save the usually stark backend with limited functionally transformed into something resembling page builders we’ve just talk about.

Are you excited?

Of course, because pages will be broken down into content blocks that you can drag and drop in enhance you’ll be able to edit their style and functionality and you’ll be able to watch a web page forming before your eyes with little to know no code required.

Want to change the fonts?

You can do that straight away and see the result

Need to change an image?

of course, you can also do that and see the change right before your eye and see instatntainously how it’s going to render on your website.

This change is also applicable in setting up video player, image gallery, a different colour scheme would all be easily done, a positive change for the less tech savvy.

However, not everyone will be happy:

Some developers and devotees to the Classic Editor have recently expressed their disinterest in what they said as Gutenberg been a dumbed down UI.

Why it is complicated, the ability to extend the classic WordPress editor gave users full control of their site and there is also the fact’s that The Gutenberg Editor won’t be compatible with every theme when it first comes out.

Why this can be adjusted by theme creators there is a bit of a risk that less tech-savvy users might update to the next version of WordPress and possibly mess up their website.

Plus what does this mean for the business models of WordPress developers?

If it’s easier for me the immortal to edit and create a website does that means there is less of a dependency on them.

They’re overly concerned

Gutenberg is the biggest change to get WordPress in over a decade and they’re not going to make a sweeping change to please everyone, plus there are sure to be ongoing plans, the chances of the new editors working flawlessly from day one are practically nill

Like any new release Gutenberg will be a work in progress for some time to come and preparation for the inevitable confusion and outrage that will get the WordPress community, the core theme has released a Plugin that restore the Gutenberg Editor to the Classic Editor and perhaps that is something to consider doing until WordPress work out the kinks on Gutenberg.

But if WordPress is putting in a whole lot in line to roll out a change as significant as this one, then you have to assume there is a good reason for offering more visually interactive way to build website that brings WordPress inline with competitors like Square space and Wix is a significant move that will set them up for the future.

A future where perhaps people are not even building a website on computers anymore.

so buckle up because change is coming…


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