Hacker Gets Prison For Launching DDoS Attacks On EA, Sony, And Steam

    A 23-year-old male from Utah was punished to prison this week for 27 Months for a series of DDoS assaults that took down online gaming platform suppliers such as Valve’s Steam, Sony’s PlayStation Network, EA, Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo, Riot Games, DOTA2, Quake Live, and League of Legends servers, together with many others.

    Online known as DerpTrolling, Austin Thompson is the first attacker who began a trend amongst other hacking crews and hackers. The crews were known for launching DDoS assaults against gaming suppliers at the time of Christmas, which they later vindicated employing ridiculous factors such as “to make users spend time with their loved ones,” “to spoil everybody’s holiday,” or “for the lulz.”

    The attacker’s DDoS assaults were very successful in 2013 when most firms did not employ solid DDoS mitigation platforms.

    During that time, Thompson employed Twitter account @DerpTrolling to declared assaults and take requests for services consumers needed him to take down.

    While the attacker had been live from 2011, his most well-known stretch of attacks was from December 2013 to January 2014, when most of his prestigious DDoS assaults happened, before the account becoming inactive.

    The assaults led many online gaming platforms to go offline, and after viewing success of DerpTrolling and the media coverage the attacker received, many other hacking groups followed the series in following years.

    On a related note, European political agencies can now get protection for free from Internet flooding assaults from the cybersecurity incubator of Google, Jigsaw. European providers for the first time will be capable to employ Project Shield, a software that assist guard political operations as well as websites from being taken affected by a DDoS attack. The tech was earlier only provided in the US to campaigns. The primary motive of Project Shield is to guarantee no one can hack a site that may have a forth coming election’s essential data.

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