Higher Google Rankings Technique You don’t know (Practicable)


it’s really difficult to get your site higher google rankings fast
Now you might be thinking does this really work?

Higher Google Rankings Technique

Yes it does.
In fact one of my client’s recently used the technique

am about to show you to increase his organic traffic by 88.3%.

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Higher Google Rankings Technique



In this tutorial am about to show you the practicable technique i use for all my seo content, you will also learn why you might want to delete some pages on your website.

Yes delete half of the pages from your website and a simple technique you can use to increase google rankings fast keep scrolling.

I use to think that google rewards website that publish lot’s and lot’s of unique contents.

But i was wrong:
Today i know the truth,
the truth is…

Google doesn’t want you to publishing content just for the sake of publishing content

Google prefer website that publish fewer and high quality pages

And this quality and over quality approach is one of the secrets technique behind my website success.

In fact techevangelistseo gets over 5000 unique visitors per month and unlike most website i publish
every 4 to 6 weeks,

But when i do:

I make sure each and every post Awesome!

In fact has at the time am writing this content techevangelistseo only has a total of 6 post.

Higher Google Rankings Technique


But this practicable technique am about to share with you which will get you higher Google rankings fast.

Technique 1 ZOMBIE PAGES

What are Zombie pages?

Zobie pages are pages on your website that don’t provide any value.

for example:
• Old and Outdated blog post and press releases
• Category and Tag pages
• Search result pages
• E-commerce product pages with zero sales
• Thin content pages
• Pages with Duplicated content

To sort out this, you have to delete the pages and tags then tell google you’ve deleted it with Yoast Premium SEO

Higher Google Rankings Technique

With yeast premium seo you can delete this pages and tags by navigating to redirects from the drop down menu,

Higher Google Rankings Technique

then choose type 410 content deleted, now insert the url and click redirect google would delete this pages and tags from it search result.
Fewer pages:fewer problems

Higher Google Rankings Technique


Fix any technical seo issues that your website may has, because there are 100 of technical problems that can impact your seo and fixing them is one of the fastest way to get higher google rankings.

Well said:

here is most common technical seo issues that i see during seo audit
Duplicated or missing title tags
Duplicated description tags
Broken links
Images with missing alt text
Pages blocked by robots.text
302 redirects that should be 301 redirects

How can you find this technical seo issues on your website?

I recommend The Raven website audit tool or Semrush website audit tool.

when you register with them, and they craw your site and let you know about technical problem that might be holding your site seo.

Now that we’ve fixed the technical seo issues we move top the new technique


Probably don’t need to tell you that On-page seo can make or break your website rankings.
That is why i dedicated an entire step of my seo Technique to on-page seo.

I know it’s going to be difficult if your website have a lot of post but i will recommend you select the best most important pages on your site which you want to get higher google rankings for .

Here is how to do it :
Make sure you publish your page on a short url, All ranking studies show that short url tends to outrank long url, add relevant target keyword often in the first 100 words of your article.

Higher Google Rankings Technique On page seo

You should also add LSI keywords

what are LSI keywords?

LSI keywords are keywords that are closely related to your target keyword and when you include this LSI keywords in your content you will you get your rankings boost.

In fact according to the recent analysis carried out in google search results shows that LSI keywords reach contents tended to outrank content that didn’t contain LSI keywords.

So how can you use LSI keywords to get higher google rankings?

Let’s take a case study of an article with Coffee as the target Keyword, LSI keywords for coffee would be things like Mug, Caffeine and Starbucks.

so you want to make sure you includes those terms in your content for higher google rankings.


You probably know that CRT is a huge ranking factor right now, think about it should people searching for a particular keyword click on your result from google more than others it tells google that you’re the best result for that particular result and you will rank higher in google.

In fact a recently published google research paper state that click through rate data has proven to be the critical resource for improving search ranking quality.

So it’s clear that CTR is an important ranking signal.

The question is how can you optimize for it?

Let me work you through a real life example?

One of my best content was suppose to be in Top 3 but it end up on google 5th page considering how quality this content was i was surprised.

Through my observation i noticed the content pages and description is hurting the CRT and rankings.

Here is what i did to turn things around:

I look out for ads to show out for keywords i want to write about and other related keywords am trying to look out for a specific phrase or number they’re using.

Lets takes free ssl certificate generator for a case study

Higher Google Rankings Technique

And this changes boost my organic CTR from 58.5% to 64.1% and now am back on the first page of google search.

This take us to the next Technique am going to be sharing which will increase your website chances of getting higher google rankings,


So what is dwell time and how can you optimize it?

When someone and click on the result, two things can happen

• They can stay on your website for long dwell time e.g. 4.4 seconds.
• They can stay on your website for short time dwell time 2.5 seconds.

to conclude it, dwell time is actually the amount of time someone spent on your website.

As you might expect, the longer your dwell time in general, the higher your page will rank in google.

so be that said:

Here is what i did to quickly increase my website dwell time:

I move my content up so it appear at the top of the page, i did this to reduce the gapes between the content and the top of the page by 50% including giant images which in return, increase view able and reduce distraction for my readers.

I also make my introduction more sticky.

Here is the deal:

When someone come to your website from google, your intro makes them stick around or click away.

In fact, intro are so important that i spend more time on my into than my headline.

Does that sound unbelievable:

Yes believe or not this is one of my biggest tips and am sharing it with you.

I recommend 1 sentence per paragraph so that the readability can increase and the readers can stick to your page like super glue.

Higher Google Rankings Technique dwell time


Higher Google Rankings Technique dwell time


overall this tips boosted that pages by 12.23%


Google put more weight on keywords that appear at the top of your page, so to help google understand what your page is all about, make sure you include your keyword once in the first 100 words of your page

Higher Google Rankings Technique IMPROVE PAGE SPEED


Add outbound links to your page, Google want to be sure your content is a comprehensive result on that topic and that’s only possible if you link out to other helpful pieces of content.

In fact recent studies show that outgoing relevant links to authoritative sites consistently out rank pages that don’t link out to other website.

Boost your site loading speed

google has publicly state that it use your page speed as a ranking factor
but not in the way you probably think?
according to experiment carried out by Brain Dean,

Google does not reward a fast loading website, It penalizes slow loading websites.

Believe it or not?
Because google’s number 1 job is to give there user’s the best result from a search a query and every one hates slow loading website
so if your site load slower than that of your competitor then google will demote you

The bottom line?
google care more about it’s user retention
does that make sense? good…

To improve your website loading speed by 30%, head over to google page insight enter a page url from your site here

Higher Google Rankings Technique IMPROVE PAGE SPEED google page insigh


don’t automatically put the home page of your site instead enter an external page from your website that get a lot of traffic, then click analyze.

Google will show you where your page code need adjustment

Note: Google page speed tools is helpful but it has one problem?

It doesn’t measure your site actual loading speed, instead it analyze your page inside code like java-script and css.

To get more accurate feel for how your site speed looks to real life users check out Gtmetrx.com.



Gtmetrix.com will show data and how your page actually load to real life user’s which is a more accurate measurement of how your site speed stacks up.

Also point your dns to cloudflare can speed up your website loading speed.

Don’t stop there now am going to share my last technique which is my favorite


You probably might have heard about skyscraper technique but if you haven’t,

Here is the deal:

The skyscraper technique is when you find a piece of best content in the industry and then create something way better.

but have you ever noticed any content that get higher google rankings, but isn’t even that good and you write it way better ?

This is the the kind of content am talking about.

So create something way better than what was out there adding all the technique i gave earlier on and avoid links to other pages by making sure all is listed on a single page.

Avoid the use of stock images,


because that’s what other website are doing, instead get quality images that’s way different from what the content you find make use of.

Then watch your content climb to google first page.

Did you discover some new Higher Google Rankings technique that i hadn’t discuss here?
Let us Know in they comment below!

There you have it, my powerful technique to getting Higher Google Rankings and i hope you’ve learn so much and also find it worth sharing among friends on there social platform.




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