How often are you using AR Emoji on the Galaxy S9?

AR Emoji was one of the least exciting features that debuted on the Galaxy S9, at least if we go by the kind of reaction our readers have had.

Samsung made a brilliant move teaming up with Disney to bring its famous characters to AR Emoji and has been releasing new stickers for the feature in general,

but it’s unclear if any of those have actually made people care more about creating emojis of their faces and sharing them with others.

Here at Techevangelistseo, we only tend to use it when Samsung makes announcements related to AR Emoji.

After all, aren’t the usual emoji options you get on smartphones these days more than enough for conveying everyday emotions? AR Emoji is fine as a marketing ploy, especially after Apple made a big deal out of Animojis on the iPhone X.

But there’s not exactly a big reason for most of us to be making emojis of our facial expressions.

Not to mention AR Emoji doesn’t work as well as it could because it doesn’t take enough time to map our faces and expressions on to the digital likeness, and it’s pretty much useless if, for example, you keep a full beard.

One compelling use case we can see is video calls made using AR Emojis, although it’s unknown if Samsung’s related patent for such functionality will ever see the light of day.

What’s your opinion of AR Emoji?

So our question to you today is: How often are you using AR Emoji on your Galaxy S9 or S9+? Do you use it often, rarely, or not at all?

Perhaps you had a bit of fun when your Galaxy S9 was new but have not accessed AR Emoji since? Maybe it’s one of the reasons why your kids want your phone all the time?

Tell us by voting in the poll below, then expand on your answer in the comments section. Do tell us if you think another option needs to be added to the poll and we will do the needful.

How often are you using AR Emoji on the Galaxy S9?


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