How to backup iphone,ipad with 3utools?

    Look for a simple step by step guide on How to backup iphone,iPad with 3utools? you’re at the right place I will be showing a practicable process which anyone can do but make sure you follow through and retry the process again and again



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    Backup is Essential for you

    Most service users are moving beyond formal operations with their device and trying for ios upgrade/downgrade, customizing the device using apps other than in the Apple app store as well as Jailbreak the device to install Cydia applications, and much more. When you are doing such modifications to your device there is an essential thing to do, is back up. Let’s see the way, backup iphone iPad with 3utools.

    What is the backup?

    Backup is a procedure that we use to keep a copy of our original files’ wherein a safe and alternative location. The location may be iCloud, or local media.

    Why backup is important?

    We always like to keep our original data safe during the performance. But there are possibilities that it could harm where unexpectedly.

    • You may be losing your data by mistake,.
    • Malicious Attack can alter your original data
    • Hardware failure can lead your device inoperable.
    • lose your i-device.

    in such time you can restore data easily if you have made a backup.

    It is very much important to have a backup before updating /downgrading your iDevice respectively and if you don’t have a backup of your idevice yet let’s begin it with 3utools today.

    Ways of iphone backup?

    • 3utools Backup
    • iCloud Backup
    • iTunes Backup
    • Using the app store app for backup

    How to back up with 3utools Iphone, Ipad?

    Backup with 3utools is very easy and the storing media is your PC with the connection of USB cable (data cable). So it is not needed a Wifi connection like iCloud. iTunes doesn’t let you change the default backup location easily. But 3utools let you have an easy backup.

    • Install the latest 3utools version download or update your old version.


    • Go to the tools section


    • Click on Backup/ Restore

    • Click on Backup/Restore 

    • Then you can view the window below and if you want to change your backup location you can click on the change button and enter the location you want to save the backup.


    • How to backup iphone iPad with 3utools see a video?


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