How to Download Vimeo Videos

    Vimeo is a great source for highly produced artistic videos with a much more film-like nature than what you find on YouTube. But if want to hold onto one of those clips, say, in a safe external drive where they can’t be deleted, you probably want to know how to download Vimeo videos.

    And while some videos have their own download buttons (a setting the content creator enables), not all of them offer it. Fortunately for you, it’s really pretty easy to download stuff off Vimeo that the creators don’t want you to take.

    How to download Vimeo videos

    1. On the web, copy the address in the URL box after opening the video.

    2. On the Vimeo app, tap the three dots next to the video, select share and select copy.


    3. Open (yes, it works with Vimeo) in a web browser. Make sure to close pop-up pages and avoid agreeing to push notifications.

    4. Paste the URL from step 1 or 2 into the “Paste link here” field.

    5. Select a format if you need the video to be something other than. MP4. (Optional)

    6. Click More Settings to make adjustments if you want to trim the start or end time, or specify the video quality. (Optional)

    7. Click Start. Your video rip will now “process.”

    8. Click Download.

    You’ve downloaded a Vimeo video!

    A note about protected videos

    Vimeo uses Digital Rights Management tools so that video scraping applications, like the one we’ll use, cannot pull paywalled content.


    Instead, such attempts will get you the trailer for the paid video, not the paid video itself. I tested this out on an event from wXwNOW, a subscription service for a German wrestling promotion that is hosted by Vimeo.

    Regarding Vimeo’s Terms of Service

    One bit of heads-up about the process: because Vimeo doesn’t want you to download the clips, you’ll need to think twice before doing this too often. I didn’t see any rules about saving videos without Vimeo’s consent in its guidelines section, but that kind of action may be so obviously against its wishes that they may take action without warning.

    Admittedly, this would likely require hundreds or thousands of instances of video stealing, as this kind of thing is rather common.


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