How to Get More Views on YouTube with New Analytics Tool

    In today’s’ tutorial am going to share with you simple and practical ways of getting more views on YouTube

    Because I have come across a lot of YouTube creators that really hope their video get more views and more subscribers?

    but ultimately what they are doing is uploading videos crossing their fingers and hoping somebody will watch their video.

    if the creators am referring to is you, then you’re at the right place where I will be showing you step by step process that will not only increase your Views on YouTube but your subscribers as well.

    That’s why you need to read all the tips am about to share with you.

    Have been on YouTube since 2010 and what I found out is that the algorithm literarily shifted and changed because YouTube is transforming into a predictive engine.

    and what I mean by that is YouTube is trying to predict what will be the best for each individual viewer.

    But I know this is getting frustrating and complicated as a content creator because of the changes that occur in the algorithm frequently.


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    Some would be like I can’t even figure this out which they don’t know what to do.

    But one thing I love about YouTube, though there is also a lot I don’t like about them, is the fact they always provide us with data for the content creator to help them make the right decision.

    this really made me applaud YouTube for its Analytics section in the creator’s studio because this gives you a lot of tactical information on things that you need to do, things you can improve on and how you’re engaging with your audience and what action your audience is taking on a specific video.

    a few years ago I was literarily blown away at feature YouTube brought in which I thought was the best feature in YouTube Analytics and it was Real-Time Analytics

    With Real-Time Analytics creators can see the data on each video in real time and make a very quick decision that is actually needed on where your audience is coming from, how people interacting and so on.


    How to Get More Views on YouTube with New Analytics Tool
    Real Time Analytics

    with that being said:

    I have a new favorite which I personally believe is a Game Changer

    Yes game changer for all content creator on YouTube, and this is something have been wanting for years.

    Before we get deeper into it, I want to kind of explain how YouTube actually operate.

    Note that when you actually upload a video to YouTube, YouTube is going to literally try to figure out how to actually serve that out in order to be view.

    And below are what it’s first looking at

    • The title
    • The description
    • The tags
    • The closed captions

    I know we all know these right and base on all of this information YouTube will be able to gather more data and this data is kind of the first little trigger in getting more views or seeing maybe it’s a good video or a bad video.

    So when you actually upload that video YouTube is saying okay let’s go ahead and put this video in your subscription feed and it goes out to some of your subscribers and wishes it goes out to all our subscribers but that’s another topic for another day.

    And also it looking into your own library if you have a 100 different video and you have 10 videos on specific topics and this video is related to the 10 videos, then it stands a chance to be suggested in the suggested area on YouTube

    The next data is the impression data which this means is anytime the video Thumbnail and the title is seen whether in the subscription feed or on the homepage in suggested video and in brows feature, that is an impression.

    if this is done 10000 out 1000000 times you will be able to see that now. this data indicate how anytime they’re seeing it and how many times they’re clicking it. which means you can now see not only the impression data but also the clickthrough data

    This is really a game changer!

    this something that has been wanting for years because the first real trigger that gets’s YouTube to actually promote your video.

    To find the new Analytics Tool

    Login into your YouTube account then locate the creative studio, at the top corner,


    How to Get More Views on YouTube with New Analytics Tool
    Creative Studio


    you will see studio better click it which will take you to the new design interface you will find the new Analytics Tool


    How to Get More Views on YouTube with New Analytics Tool
    Beta Studio


    click on analytics and see the image below


    How to Get More Views on YouTube with New Analytics Tool


    click the reach viewers and the data will show you an impression and also click through


    How to Get More Views on YouTube with New Analytics Tool
    Reach Viewer


    Here is the deal:

    This is what I want everyone to understand, they are giving us the key to the kingdom

    Yes believe it or not:

    because it’s is how many times that video is being seen by subscribers and nonsubscribers that are on the YouTube platform and how many times people are actually clicking on it and it’s giving us that percentage


    How to Get More Views on YouTube with New Analytics Tool
    Impression and Click through


    From this data let’s say you have a 7%, 10%, or 15% what is you’re able to double that?

    That’s going to give you more views right and it’s also going to trigger YouTube to actually promote your videos.

    Think about this for a second, there are other factors that will come along later if your video is Good but ultimately this is the tool that will give better chance for creator like you and me to get our videos found if we could get that click through rate up which will help YouTube to serve out our video more

    Am super excited about the new Analytics Tool because it is something have been wanted share with my readers which is in-depth


    Did you discover some new How to Get More Views on YouTube with New Analytics Tool tips that I haven’t discuss here?

    Let us Know in they comment below!

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