How to Play FIFA 22 Early

    How to Play FIFA 22 Early is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

    The FIFA 22 release date lands on October 1st, but there are some ways to play the game before that.

    If you want to play FIFA 22 early you’ve got options. One way is to pre-order a copy of the game. You’ll need to buy an expensive bundle to gain access to the game before October.

    You can also play the game early if you signup for EA Play. EA Play subscribers get the earliest FIFA 22 release date in September.

    The EA Play trial has some limits you should be aware of. There are also unique challenges afforded to those who do decide to signup for the service.

    In this guide we’ll tell you about these options and help you start playing FIFA 22 on your platform of choice when it arrives on console and Windows PC.

    • Early FIFA 22 Release Date
    • How to Download the FIFA 22 Trial
    • FIFA 22 Early Access Bonuses
    • FIFA 22 Trial Limits

    Early FIFA 22 Release Date

    If you purchase the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition you get access to the game on September 27th, a few days before its official release on October 1st. The Ultimate Edition is more expensive than the standard edition so you’ll want to weigh your options before committing to it.

    If you subscribe to EA Play, you can start playing FIFA 22 on September 22nd, long before the game’s official release date.

    EA Play is $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year and it includes trials for a number of EA games. The price also includes access to the EA Play Vault of games which are full length.

    If you want a little more from your subscription, EA also offers Play Pro which is $14.99 a month or $99.99 for the entire year.

    How to Download the FIFA 22 Trial

    You’ll need to sign up for EA Play on your console or PC. The fastest way to do this is to open up the EA Play website or app on your device and sign up. You can choose a month or a year and then complete the signup.

    Once the FIFA 22 trial is live, you can find the trial in the EA Play app right on your console or PC. Go to the Trials tab, then choose FIFA 22.

    On most systems you can also find the option to download the trial from the main store page, but you’ll want to make sure you’re downloading the trial, and not buying the game if you’ve already purchased it on a disc.

    We don’t know the exact size, but in previous years, FIFA download sizes have been fairly large so you may need to free up space in order to install the game.

    FIFA 22 Early Access Bonuses

    EA Play members also get access to some rewards. They include:

    • Ultimate Team Season XP Boosts
    • VOLTA FOOTBALL season apparel
    • Monthly FUT Stadium customization items

    FUT stands for FIFA Ultimate Team, one of the game’s popular modes. VOLTA is the street football mode.

    FIFA 22 Trial Limits

    Before you subscribe to EA Play note that you can only play FIFA 22 for 10 hours. This is an option to let you try out FIFA 22 to see if you like the game enough to buy it. It’s not a way for you to play FIFA 22 for an unlimited amount of time or to replace the full version of the game.

    When you finish playing the trial you should close the game from the dashboard. This will prevent you from losing any time with the game running in the background.

    In the past we’ve seen users create multiple Xbox Live accounts to subscribe to EA Play on multiple accounts and play for longer than 10 hours in the past. This is expensive and we don’t recommend it.

    3 Reasons to Pre-Order FIFA 22 & 5 Reasons to Wait

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    How to Play FIFA 22 Early is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

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