Instagram begins rolling out redesigned Explore tab with topic channels

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Instagram is starting to push a redesigned Explore tab to users. This change was originally announced at Facebook’s F8 event last month but is now making its way to users.

Instagram has reportedly started to roll out the redesigned Explore tab in the app.

The feature was first introduced last month at Facebook F8 Developer conference, where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a list of features that would specifically arrive on Instagram. At the event, Facebook had unveiled a range of upcoming features such as AR Camera Effects, app integrations, native video chat or calling functionality, and more.

The redesigned Explore tab is meant to make discovery of new and interesting content easier than before.

The Explore tab in Instagram is meant to offer users recommended photos and videos. However, with the redesign, Instagram will now organise the content into topic channels to let users browse across their interests and pick their favorite content.

By this way, users will also be able to have more control over the content that appears in the Explore tab as they can pick only the topics they want to see instead of seeing various photos and videos randomly based on their interests and tastes.

At the F8 event, Facebook had said that the new Explore tab will be rolling out over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, as per a 9to5Mac report, Instagram has already begun to push a redesigned Explore tab to users.

The report says that the redesigned Explore tab is not too different than the previous version. It has stayed with the same tile-based interface with curated posts based on user interests and past behaviors. However, the redesigned Explore tab now comes with new topic channels along the top.

According to the report, these new topic channels range from “Sports, TV and Movies, and more.” Additionally, there is a new ‘For You’ section that features a collection of curated posts from other users, and these too are based on your interests and past behavior.

The redesigned Explore tab is currently available only for select users. The feature is gradually rolling out for Instagram users so if you are not able to see the new interface, note that it may take a few days for the rollout to reach your account.