The latest iOS 12 beta all but confirms a bigger iPhone X

Hands-on: iOS 12 beta 6 changes and features [Video]

iOS 12 has truly been a treasure trove of both heating up the rumor mill and strongly hinting at upcoming devices.

Since last’s September iPhone X unveiling, rumors have been swirling that a larger model, presumably the iPhone X Plus, was en route for 2018. Now, legendary iOS developer, Guilherme Rambo, has taken to Twitter to show off a sketch of the presumed iPhone.

While digging through the latest iOS 12 beta, now up to version 5 for developers, he discovered a new sketch of what looks like a larger iPhone carrying the X’s trademark notch.

You might recall that he found the original iPhone X in an iOS 11 beta at around this time in 2017.

This latest look at the larger iPhone X Plus comes after not one, but two dummy unit leaks of the 2018 iPhones.

Apple is expected to unveil a refreshed 5.8-inch iPhone X, a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, and a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. The last of which will likely be more affordable and lack some features, but still include a notch.

While this latest leak doesn’t show us a physical device, it nearly confirms the existence of a larger screen iPhone.

Those working on iOS 12 inside Apple are taking time to model out the look of an iPhone X Plus — presumably to ensure future support — and data miners are plucking these details right out of the software.