iOS 13 Jailbreak for 13.1 on A13 Released Yet? Status Checker

    NO! an iOS 13 jailbreak for all devices, including A12 and A13 has yet to be released. For A13, this includes the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. For A12, this includes the iPhone XS Max, XS, XR and 2018 iPad Pro models. Currently the latest jailbreak is for iOS 12.4 in the form of Unc0ver and Chimera. Although no hacker has confirmed work on an iOS 13 jailbreak utility intended for public release, there are stirrings.

    iOS 13 Jailbreak Updates for A13 & A12

    How to Jailbreak iOS 13

    To determine when we may expect the first iOS 13 jailbreak, we must take a trip down memory lane. We have releases for the first Jailbreak for major firmwares going back 6 years. Starting with the oldest first, the releases are as follows: February, December, October, October again, January, February, and April. All of this to say, don’t expect a jailbreak right away. We will in fact get an iOS 13 jailbreak, but it will take time. 

    In fact all recent jailbreaks have made use of kernel vulnerabilities that were already patched by they themselves were released. Taking a look at unc0ver for iOS 12.1.2, it made use of an exploit Apple closed in iOS 12.1.3. So by the time unc0ver was released, it was already targeting an outdated firmware. Jailbreakers do this so they can avoid having to spend countless extra hours researching kernel (and other) vulnerabilities. Don’t get us wrong though, developing a jailbreak still takes hundreds of hours; just read one of Pwn’s latest tweets:

    A12 and A13 Jailbreak on iOS 13

    A13 Jailbreak iOS 13

    As for A12 and A13 (the chips in Apple’s latest iDevices), expect a jailbreak even later. Starting with A12, Apple implemented extra security measures making it much harder to jailbreak. And it all boils down to PAC. Pwn has a nice summary for the layperson (i.e. anyone who’s not a hacker):

    So there you go, Apple has intentionally gimped performance in favor of stability on their newer devices. Of course it’s no secret that Apple is a security-first company, but this just furthers how much more difficult an A12 and A13 jailbreak will be. Good news though is that Pwn’s PAC-less jailbreak technique will still work on iOS 13 – it’s just harder to implement.

    A13 Jailbreak: tfp0 Achieved!

    A13 Jailbreak iOS 13

    As for A13, it’s expected that while the devices will have extra security mechanisms in place, PAC will still be Apple’s primary shield. Having said that, hacker iBSparkes was able to get tfp0 on A13 the same day the devices were released. A tfp0 patch basically removes a restriction that prevents a user from accessing the kernel task. The patch allows any executable running as root to call the kernel task and then modifies the kernel VM region to both read and write. So what the heck does that mean? For the layperson all you need to know is that this is a crucial step in achieving full root access and, in turn, an A13 jailbreak on iOS 13. Again, this is great news!

    Jailbreak iOS 13 Release Date

    iOS 13 Jailbreak

    To provide one final summary, expect a jailbreak after iOS 13.1 is released. iOS 13.0 is very buggy and Apple knows it. They already have iOS 13.1 in beta stages, and they certainly won’t stop there. Not once in the last 6+ years has there been a jailbreak for the first public release of a firmware. Developers like to wait for stability on Apple’s part first. This ensure the jailbreak doesn’t have glaring problems.

    Once an iOS 13 jailbreak is release, it will almost certainly only support up to A11 at first. A13 and A12 jailbreak support will come in a subsequent update. Again provided Pwn and other hackers are still interested in jailbreaking the devices.

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