Which iPhone 11 Pro color is right for you? We’ve got some suggestions

    For 2019, Apple has introduced a new color for its lineup of OLED handsets. The iPhone 11 Pro series includes a midnight green finish for the first time. Because it’s oh-so-new, it’s our favorite pick and joins traditional powerhouses Space Gray, Silver, and Gold in the collection.

    A newbie in the Apple house

    Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro

    Staff favorite

    Leave it to Apple to use the word “midnight” in the title of its newest iPhone color and not match it with a shade of blue. Instead, it created a distinctive dark green variety that looks amazing and refined. Match it with a clear case and get ready for the looks. If you’re the type of buyer that likes something fresh, this is the iPhone 11 Pro to get!

    from $999 at Apple

    Still a winning color

    Space Gray iPhone 11 Pro

    Iconic is a word to describe the Apple iPhone. Add the equally epitomic Space Gray hue, and you have a timeless beauty in your hands. Get the Space Gray iPhone 11 Pro if you expect traditional elegance done right.

    from $999 at Apple

    Traditional option

    Silver iPhone 11 Pro

    Nearly as iconic as Space Gray, Silver has been a popular iPhone color choice for many years. On the top-of-the-line iPhone 11 Pro series, the silver stands out and goes with anything. Wrap it with an unusual case when you want it to stand out.

    from $999 at Apple

    Bold and brassy

    Gold iPhone 11 Pro

    The Gold iPhone 11 Pro is another elegant choice. This year’s gold finish is slightly different than the one Apple has used on past handsets. As usual, it’s a winner.

    from $999 at Apple

    New lineup, new color

    It’s not very often when Apple offers a new finish for its top-tier iPhones. We’ve been living with three colors — Silver, Gold, and Space Gray — for years. This year, we got lucky with the introduction of the Midnight Green model. Much darker than the mintier green iPhone 11, this model should look great on your next hike and also in the office. Just because it’s new, however, doesn’t mean it’s you. We’ve got some suggestions for who fits best with which color, though the ultimate decision comes down to your personal taste, of course.

    It’s the new color, and for a lot of us, that’s all we need to know. It doesn’t even matter whether we actually like the color or not. But don’t worry. It’s nothing wild. It’s an understated shade of green, almost more like gray with a tinted green hue. If you want a little color in your life, but don’t want to go down the iPhone 11 path of pastels, this green is easy on the eyes, while still being something worth showing off. If you like being the kid on the block with all the new toys, you’ll want Midnight Green to show off your new look.

    Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro

    If you buy a new iPhone every year, you probably also buy the new color when there is one, so what are you waiting for? Get Midnight Green right now.

    from $999 at Apple

    Go dark

    The Space Gray iPhone 11 Pro is an excellent choice that works well with a range of cases. Understated, yet commanding, it’s long been a popular selection for iPhone owners. You might even think of it as the “businessperson’s iPhone.” It’s classic. It’s elegant. It’s the little black dress of phones. It goes with everything but doesn’t distract from your personal style. If you’re the kind of person that shies away from flashy fashion but want you iPhone to show off your power moves, the classic Space Gray will match your suit and your workout wear perfectly.

    Space Gray iPhone 11 Pro

    When you can’t decide which color to buy, make this the one you select. It’s never a wrong choice.

    From $999 at Apple

    Pure and bright

    Silver, like Space Gray, is a classic color. This year, the white backside gets a matte finish, and let me tell you, it looks like white satin gloves. If you ever thought white was boring, this beauty will change your mind. It’s rich like vanilla ice-cream and clean looking like an Apple Store. It’s an Apple design through-and-through. It’s got a little bit more of a “wow factor” than the Space Gray, so if you like to turn heads, but don’t like to show off, Silver is more your speed. It balances the line between classic and eye-catching.

    Silver iPhone 11 Pro

    We’ll always love the silver finish for Apple products. It’s a practical choice each year.

    From $999 at Apple


    Gold is definitely the flashiest color of this group. It’s definitely a show-off. That gorgeous yellow glint, sparkling at you from afar. If you feel like a queen, this is a queen’s iPhone. It’s not wild, though. It’s more akin to a thin gold necklace or a small pair of diamond earrings. Just enough flash to make people look, but not so much that your friends start questioning your choices. If you want to be noticed, but like to do so in a subtle way (“Oh, me? You noticed my gold iPhone? Why thank you.”), the Gold iPhone hits the sweet spot without being over-the-top.

    Gold iPhone 11 Pro

    Put the bling in your iPhone without putting out a bad vibe with the Gold iPhone 11 Pro.

    From $999 at Apple

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